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A future-proof vision for omnichannel services


Future-proof plan for continious growth

  • A future omnichannel experience
  • Ability to enable clients to always be operational and ready for growth
  • A smooth interaction and processing of inquiries for various types of customers

TVH goes omnichannel

TVH is global market leader as supplier of parts for material handling, for construction, agricultural and industrial equipment and for workshop and warehouse supplies. The B2B company asked our help to make their service an omnichannel experience. More specific, they consulted us to help create a strategy and high-level service blueprint.

A one-week sprint and the resulting high-level blueprint has given TVH a kickstart in developing an omnichannel service offering.


How to turn services into an omnichannel experience?

In order to create a clear goal for this collaboration, we started establishing a common understanding what ‘omnichannel’ means. We did research, uncovered typical features of omnichannel services and consolidated these findings into a detailed definition specifically for TVH. Together with the client, we decided to organise a one-week sprint to co-build the omnichannel service with a group of TVH employees from all departments: digital, purchase, sales etc.


Why a sprint was useful

  • Creating a common understanding of customers' needs.
  • People who know the organisation very well can assess when an idea is applicable or not.
  • Shaping and creating the service together turns employees into key ambassadors of what omnichannel is and can be for TVH.

To make the group familiar with the concept of omnichannel and to inspire them, we created a card deck with examples of good omnichannel experiences. These cards were the result of thorough research into the world of omnichannel and the different technologies that can contribute to those experiences.


A blueprint to keep you going and growing

We concluded the project with the creation of a service blueprint that describes how the future omnichannel experience is delivered. Together with TVH, we built an omnichannel plan & service strategy that enables TVH's clients to always be operational and support them in their growth. The plan linked up different channels and services and deep-dived into concepts that ensure a smooth interaction and processing of inquiries for their many types of customers.

Ready to turn your services into omnichannel experiences?