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Explore wine the way like never before

  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Retail & Food
VINEWAY is a radically new form of a personalised wine tasting journey – experienced at home. Every glass of wine has its own unique story and flavours that are waiting for discovery. The business plans to have a team of sommeliers and winemakers that travels throughout less known wine regions of Central & Eastern Europe to meet various winemakers who want their stories and wines to be discovered and told.
Achilles has developed a brand identity framework for VINEWAY that highlights the wine experience and ease of use. The project encompasses everything from naming, brand positioning and messaging, to packaging design, brand collateral and digital design, to art direction of the 3D product modelling and illustration.
The challenge for the designers was creating a brand identity that sets VINEWAY apart but also offer a neutral platform for the wine sector. The identity focuses on its mysterious and unconventional experience that users can luxuriate in. The name “VINEWAY,” a play on the word “VINE,” and “WAY” is simple, memorable and appeals to the senses. The wholesale range is largely inspired by poetry, chance happenings and random discoveries. This friendly spirit extends to the logotype, which is customized with a contemporary sans serif and a calligraphic construction. The illustrative pattern are wine fields from a bird’s perspective, which have been created in a natural way and can be assosiated with a map that guides a visitor through the journey. The basic color palette enhances the beauty of the pure wine colours.
3-D modeling
VINEWAY comes packaged in a child-proof box that provides a monthly personalised selection based on the client’s preferences in five special glass tubes from underrated winery regions from the Eastern part of Europe. We helped modeling the 3D products to get a realistic idea of how the product should look like eventually, thereby also positioning the start-up more visibly towards future investors.
The result
VINEWAY is designed to appeal to users, who are consuming wine for pure enjoyment and want to discover new wines in a better way to broaden their wine experience horizons.