Toerisme Vlaanderen

An interactive fair experience that gets people talking


  • Unique fair experience 
  • 3D-printed sculptures
  • From idea to implementation in 6 weeks 

How do we get visitors talking about Flanders’ finest industries?

Toerisme Vlaanderen and AIR approached Achilles Design to help them create a unique fair experience abroad, that would help in getting professional interest in Flanders’ industries. We took on the challenge of developing the experience concept, technical development, production and installation in less than 6 weeks.


Concepts that tell unique stories and get visitors talking about the different assets that Flanders’ industries have to offer. We started by exploring many different creative ideas, each of which illustrated interesting features of the Flemish industries and heritage.

Enjoying a custom, high-tech beer that is brewed with an ingredient that has its roots in each industry? An aroma-therapy room with scents from Flanders? Or why don’t we make a fictional, artful encyclopedia that explains Flanders in a completely idiosyncratic way, a “Codex Flandrianus”?

We eventually settled on an idea that took talking about industries quite literally. Using quotes from Flanders’ most influential industry and opinion leaders, we started creating a concept of visualing their sound. We would capture the visitors attention with sculptures and sculpture giveaways that symbolized the quote. To put the cherry on the cake, we would enable them to visualize their own sound on the spot too. With these three ideas combined we would create visitor engagement and serve as a uniqe conversation starter.


A first product that supported the experience, was a sculpture that translated the soundwave of a pre-recorded quote into a 3D-printed sculpture, produced by using a mix of coding and CAD-work. These were then translated into eye-catching big sculptures and smaller, artful desktop sculptures for giveaways.


A second product that supported the experience, was a kinetic sculpture that would take the visitors’ quote. It takes your vocal input and translates that into an artful motion on a large panel. Over a few weeks, we developed the sculptures way of operating as well as its technical implementation from hardware to software.

The third product that supported the experience was a small give away that visitors could take with them as a souvenir. It’s a miniature version of the sound sculpture. This small sculpture is placed on a laser-printed plate, on which one of the quotes has been engraved.


Over the period of a few weeks, we took the challenge, translated and delivered all the elements that created a unique experience to be used on the foreign campaign of Toerisme Vlaanderen. The convention booth featured our kinetic sculpture and 3D-printed sculptures for each represented industry. Special guests received a giveaway version of relevant opinion after fair attendence.


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