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Smart eyewear that increases visual comfort

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Auto-focus eyewear

At a certain age, our eyes tend to degenerate. Eyeglasses are the logical answer to this problem. However, we catch ourselves constantly looking above and below our glasses when looking at objets close up. Alternatively, we buy a pair of multifocal lenses and narrow our field of view. Morrow wanted to transform this multifocal eyewear to increase the level of visual comfort. This translated in a revolutionary smart eyewear that can change focus between near and far distances with just a push of a button.  

Smart lens

The team of Jelle De Smet and Paul Marchal from Morrow developed a new kind of smart lens with a layer of liquid crystals that makes it possible to change the index of refraction by an electrical current.
The Achilles team was responsible for the integration of the electronics, visual design of the 3D-printed frames, and the usability of the eyewear. We helped Morrow bring their revolutionary smart eyewear to the market.
The result
The resulting eyewear is ultralight, very comfortable, and easy to use, giving maximum flexibility to the user. Back and front surfaces can be tailored to the visual needs of the customer.  Highest quality coatings offer outstanding anti-reflective properties and premium-class durability. Investing in comfort and looks.