We are thrilled to announce that Achilles Design and Studio Dott. are merging to become Dott Achilles

Improved healthcare for patients
and professionals

With a multidisciplinary team of experts we help you market healthcare products and services that reduce the stigma of treatment, improve patient outcomes and drive your business value.

How can we help you?

Together, we create devices that are not only innovative and adhere to the highest medical standards but are also profoundly aligned with user needs and usability. As a team, we ensure every project not only champions safety and design excellence but also significantly enhances user experience and functionality. 

Explore the intersection of hardware, software, and data with our intelligently designed smart products, each tailored to offer a distinctively personal and customised experience. Our team is dedicated to crafting wearables and IoT devices that are not only technologically superior but also precisely designed to cater to user needs and preferences.

Delve into the development of advanced surgical tools with us, designed with precision to minimize risks during procedures. Our commitment is to create instruments that not only enhance surgical outcomes but also prioritize patient safety and surgeon usability. 

Orthopaedic products as well as physiotech, designed to solve medical problems in the most efficient manner, improving the lives of both patients and physicians.

Explore the creation of safe and robust drug delivery systems with us, where controlled and precise medication administration is paramount. Our dedication lies in developing systems that ensure secure and accurate drug delivery while adhering to the highest medical standards and prioritizing patient safety and usability. 

Our pursuit in the realm of medical consumables centers on producing high-quality items that enhance diagnosis and care, always prioritizing patient comfort. With a commitment to excellence, we design products that elevate the patient experience, all while upholding the highest medical standards. 

The breast pump moms don’t need to hide

The world’s first hair regrowth device

Next generation ankle-foot prosthetics

User-centred Design of an anaesthesia device

Obstructive sleep apnoea solved

Efficient care capacity

Shaping creativity, designing for impact

Compliance, safety and quality

A usable product is a compliant product. Our processes strictly adhere to IEC 62366 standard for usability engineering which supports manufacturers in building medical devices with high usability and user safety. In addition, our designs meet the ISO 13485 standard for quality management.

Iterative prototyping

We prototype often and from early on in the design process. This allows us to continuously focus on the user’s interests and comfort. By turning ideas into physical samples we can systematically identify improvements and pre-emptively exclude risks. All while keeping our intuition in check.

Modern end-to-end solutions

We believe that a better health condition is achieved by engaging people at every stage of their health journey. Our teams work across disciplines to integrate the needs of people with responsible technology and sustainable business models into innovative healthcare service solutions that drive business value by advancing the standard of healthcare.

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Tim Ruytjens

Healthcare Lead

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