Head-mounted smart glasses


  • A balanced, lightweight and fully adjustable head-mounted device for maximum safety and wearing comfort.
  • A robust, durable design that can survive the toughest working environments as well as serve front line medical experts in the OR.
  • Multiple cameras, voice commands, display adding visual information.

The right smart device for frontline workers

After the successful launch of the Iristick.Z1 Smart Safety glasses, Iristick listened carefully to the needs of their customers and the needs of different industries which were not being met by their first product. Realizing that not all needs can be met with just one product they made a list of features for product innovation that resulted in the creation of the revised G1 (formerly Iristick.Z1) and the all new Iristick.H1 head-mounted smart glasses. Iristick partnered with Achilles Design and ECOM to develop this new product. ECOM’s expertise is in producing products for ATEX environments (potentially explosive environments like mining and chemical industries) that make work safer and more efficient. Next to the Iristick.H1 there is also an ATEX approved version under the name VISOR-EX sold by ECOM.

The Iristick.H1 head-mounted smart glasses are designed for maximum comfort in heavy industry applications. It can be mounted on a helmet or a headband to fit different uses.

The Iristick.H1 has numerous advanced functionalities that makes the product more effective, safer, and perfect for real-time collaboration with remote exerts

Multiple cameras bring the work into focus

The dual 16MP center cameras give a true view of the operator’s perspective while the zoom module with its 6x optical zoom lens is ideal for focusing on important details. Operators can keep a safe distance while sharing critical details with remote experts. Laser pointer and powerful torch light are included in the positionable zoom allowing barcode scanning even in dark environments.

Voice commands for true handsfree operations

The 4 microphones and built in noise cancelling ensure that voice commands can be used, even in loud industrial working environments. On the side of the Zoom module there is a large touch pad to use when speaking is not suitable.

Heads up adjustable arm display

Adding visual information on the display has proven to improve process execution, training and documentation, making the Iristick.H1 ideal for complex logistics, field services, production and healthcare services. Operators can walk the shop or production floor with both visual and audio queues without being burdened by additional handheld devices.

These new wearables are also saving lives in the health industry

While the robust and durable design of the Iristick.H1 can survive the toughest working environments, it is equally suited for use in the operating room. Whether consulting with other experts during a complex procedure or taking students through a routine operation, the Iristick.H1 is becoming an indispensable tool for front line medical experts.


Specifically designed for the toughest environments (including ATEX), the result is an extremely robust and customizable, frame-less device that does not limit the sight of the user. The waterproof (IP67 certified) device can be attached to a helmet, headband or other PPE. The fully adjustable display can be set up for either left or right eye use. Like its predecessor, the Iristick.H1 is full of high-tech components and enough battery power that make it last for an entire shift. Irrespective of whether a surgeon or a mechanic uses the device, the Iristick.H1 is made to let the most diverse professions work smarter and safer.

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