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A brand new outfit for a fresh new product range

  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Retail & Food

About Elvea

Elvea is best known for its wide range of classic tomato products: diced tomatoes, passatas, peeled tomatoes, tomato paste..., made from the best Italian tomatoes. In the fall of 2020, Elvea launched a new range of tasty ready-to-eat sauces. Made with genuine Italian tomatoes and 100% natural ingredients. In close collaboration with Elvea’s new product development department, Achilles created the new package design for this range. One of the challenges was to create a packaging that captures Elvea’s DNA and at the same time, it was important that the new design breathes a younger and dynamic look and feel.

A lively package design, in line with the Elvea brand characteristics

Together we have explored which design elements would appeal to the target group, all the while retaining Elvea’s authentic and unique character. All the design and production elements, including art direction on the playful photography of the ingredients, a legible and modern typography, traditional illustrations of pastas,  and the fresh colour palette, combine the message that Elvea provides: the best quality products on offer.
The result
The new design elevates Elvea’s premium offer to a new level. An enrichment for both brand and consumers by a fresh and dynamic packaging design fitting seamlessly into the existing portfolio of Elvea.