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Emma’s Garden

Pushing biodiversity with new package design for wild bird feed


  • Providing consistency in packaging of the entire product range
  • Improving customer experience
  • Helping Vadigran professionalise its business

Inspiring brand of wild bird feed

Emma’s Garden is a Vadigran feed brand specially developed for wild birds. The idea is to inspire people to increase biodiversity in their garden by providing wild birds with the necessary feed and care. Emma’s Garden offers people a variety of products, from feeding silos, houses and tables to various types of feed, all with their unique characteristics.

The company wanted a redesign of the original Emma’s Garden packaging, more focused on bringing life back to people’s gardens by attracting different wild birds all year round. To create a complete packaging design we based our ideas on the brand concept that Vadigran already provided us, including the idea of working with a water colour look and feel as well as some of the brand assets such as logo, typography, …

About helping birds and customers

We further developed and enhanced those brand assets to improve customer experience:
  • A more attractive and distinctive packaging, adding self-made drawings of birds to the water coloured look and feel to make it accessible and suitable for the brand’s purpose.

  • Using a colour scheme that links the feed to the right silo or container so customers know exactly what belongs together for the best care. This allows beginners to also start taking care of their garden visitors and play a part in welcoming back biodiversity.

  • Limiting the information and the number of USP’s on the packaging, using icons, as well as providing consistency in the packaging and the POS material ensures a clear brand story, one that customers connect with and can easily find their way in.

(Re)selling like a pro...

In addition, we helped Vadigran professionalise its business by not only challenging them with critical questions while working closely together, but also by providing in-store POS concepts. The idea of the POS concepts was to create an appealing Emma’s Garden product wall, flexible in size to be sold as packages, providing all the necessary things to get started with feeding wild birds.

... in virtual reality

Since Vadigran wanted to show the new Emma’s Garden POS idea on a sales event but the packaging wasn’t ready yet, we asked Aeroplane to provide a visual twin of the in-store POS concept. The 3D-viewer shows store furniture, the Emma’s Garden product in the new packaging and POS material as a whole. This allowed the present sales people to discover the in-store experience by themselves: they could zoom in, walk around, etc. The virtual twin was shown on a 4K screen as well as on different tablets and a link was shared to discover everything on own devices. Such a presentation ensured sales people were convinced of the new packaging and POS representation and could enthusiastically sell these concepts to the resellers.

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