Understanding the needs of medical staff and patients is crucial in designing and developing user-centred medical devices and implants. Healthcare is confronted with a growing power of patients and contributors for whom the user-friendliness and cost-efficiency of healthcare devices is crucial. Moreover, regulations and safety requirements are pushing the boundaries of what’s next .

Achilles is implementing ISO 13485 to comply with the highest quality demands in medical product development. Our medical design team conducts projects in medical devices that are driven by a user centred design methodology and an integrated approach towards product, brand and service. The goal is to achieve an optimal user experience for both patients and medical staff. Brand identity, usability technology & design for manufacturing are an integral part of our development process.
Our co-creation design process takes into account all stakeholders, from patients, nurses, lab technicians, to surgeons and regulatory instances.

Achilles works for a broad spectrum of healthcare clients including high- tech start-ups, such as Nyxoah, Hyposafe, Nuviant, Bedal and leading healthcare companies like Philips , Terumo and Medec.
Last year, our customer Nyxoah scooped the World Technology Award for its revolutionary solu- tion for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). In OSA the airway becomes blocked during sleep, with disruptive snoring and an interrupted sleep pattern as a result. Achilles Design turned the brilliant idea of Dr Adi Mashiach into a winning product.

Medical product development expertises:

Medical implants (deep brain stimulation, diagnostic instruments, digital interfaces, hospital & lab equipment, surgical tools, patient care & handling, orthopedic devices.