People and experiences are our core business. We have long experience in physical design and our designers excel in exploring and designing user experiences. Brand Design, Service Design and Product Design, let’s bring that together in a digital area!

We love designing, it is al about solving problems and finding the right design that covers it. UX consulting, wireframes, software development, our design process makes digital user interface design as a key competence to improve a user interaction with the product and/or service. This can range from a simple switch to a complex visual interface.

Team play is one of our key principles. This is what makes us unique and why you would choose for us. Every step we take in the project is evaluated together so we enlarge our understanding of the essence of your organisation.

We explore

Before designing a user interface, whether it’s for a mobile application or a product integrated interface, it is important to understand user needs, motivations and context of use.

We observe users with camera’s, we take pictures of interactions, we set up tasks for end-users and we make storyboard scenarios to understand the full process. With these insights we come up with UX/UI requirements and concept ideas ... a lot of them :)


Every possible user case scenario is designed into wireframes to make sure we tought about everything. We start out with barebone wireframes to test as much UI concept ideas as possible.

These wireframes form the basis for discussing as many user case scenarios as possible. Several wireframe iterations are done to reduce the risk of structural adjustments when developers start to code.

The more iterations we do the better the wireframe...

Style & animate

During the wireframe process the syling and icons of the application are designed and tested. Animations are made to clarify how things move and interact with the user.

Test & refine

The structure of the application, the icons and styling are tested with user groups. There is also a constant feedback loop at every stage of the development.

We observe users, we set up tasks and we make an evaluation report together with possible improvements.

What's next?

Digital design is all about IoT, user interfaces and user experiences. But we want to push our limits and see what more we can do with it.

So what is next? VR or virtual reality is a highly immersive visualization tool. One experiences space, products, services... in a much deeper and more realistic way. By working on a virtual level, as a design agency, we are able to record and synthesize data consistently. The results are much more reliable than the results we get in earlier stages of prototyping in product, service and brand design projects.
We can evaluate the product on scale/composition and proportion, we can track and evaluate behavior and ease of use during service design projects and we can evaluate our brand and communication concepts within the right context for our brand design projects.
In short, as a prototyping tool, VR saves us time and budget and helps us increasing the fidelity of our evaluations. For the user, it is experience at a much higher level.