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We design better healthcare for patients and professionals

We combine wide-ranging design expertise with a human-centric lens to help healthcare innovators bring to market products and services that engage users, improve patient outcomes and drive business value.

Medical Devices

From front-end design to engineering and manufacturing, we have decades of experience helping leading manufacturers and startups to develop advanced medical devices for global healthcare markets. Through intimate understanding of patient needs and medical workflows, our teams work at the intersection of human factors, new technologies and regulatory constraints to create pioneering solutions that improve health outcomes and drive business value.

Surgical Tools

Surgeons deserve safe and effective tools to conduct surgical procedures. Through deep empathy for the human factors of surgical environments and workflows, our industrial designers help push standards of surgical care by developing task-specific tools that save time, reduce errors and guarantee maximum safety for patients — in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Wearables & Connected Health

Integrated digital solutions like wearable devices, disposable patches, ingestible sensors, and implanted sensors are bringing healthcare outside of hospitals and doctors’ offices into the hands of patients. Achilles helps partners to evaluate new technologies and create integrated digital ecosystems that enhance patient experience, improve medical workflows and securely streamline health data for responsible healthcare innovation.
Our goal is to take away the stigma of treatment. Patients don’t want to just be treated effectively; they want to be treated as human beings. The decisions we make as designers influence how they perceive their situation. Not only for them but for everyone around them too. After all, when designing for healthcare not the patients, but people, take center stage.

We advance healthcare through people-centered design

Iterative prototyping

We prototype early and often to ensure we keep the people we design for at the heart of the process. By putting ideas in hands of users with low-fidelity paper interfaces to 3D-printed prototypes and high-level immersion VR, we can systematically identify improvements and pre-emptively exclude risks while keeping our intuitions in check.

Compliance, safety and quality

A usable product is a compliant product. Our processes strictly adhere to IEC 62366 standard for Usability Engineering that guides manufacturers to build medical devices for high usability and safety of use. In addition, we work with a network of partners to ensure our designs meet the ISO 13485 standard for quality management.

Modern end-to-end solutions

We believe better health is achieved by engaging people at every stage of their health journey. Our teams work across disciplines to integrate the needs of people with responsible technology and sustainable business models into innovative healthcare service solutions that drive business value by advancing the standard of healthcare.
Recent work
Generating ideas with a 360° view resulted in simplified usability. This contributed in the shift from a medical device to a user-friendly product.

Adi Maschiach

Nyxoah / Co-founder
Our goal is to take away the stigma of treatment. Patients don’t always want to be seen as patients. The decisions we make as designers influence how they perceive their situation. Not only for them but for everyone around them too. In the end it’s not about patients, it’s about people.

Tim Ruytjens

Industrial Designer - Project manager

Tim Ruytjens

Senior Manager Industrial Design

Philip Madden

Senior Expert Industrial Design

Cédric Lagrange

Senior Project Engineer

Martijn Vanschoenwinkel

Project Engineer

Thomas Lust

Project Engineer

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