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Speed and quality in a league of its own

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Blending usability with performance

Xeikon developed a new digital label press that packs speed, versatility and quality like no other. Its top speed of 30 m/min makes the Xeikon CX3 the most productive 5-colour digital label press in its class. It is therefore, to some extent, a class of its own. This machine needed a top-class casing that reflects the state-of-the-art inside. That’s where Achilles came into the picture.
Achilles designed the casing and supporting frame of these machines. Through user-centered design, we gathered valuable insights to optimize the installation and workflow. We created a new look-and-feel that matches with the overall Xeikon style and engineered the casing and frame for mass production.
User-centered design

Changing the architecture of a device can save you installation time (and money).

By designing a completely new frame and rethinking the installation scenario (with some sophisticated engineering) we substantially simplified the setup, requiring less fine-tuning in the field. Setting up the frame and casing can now be done almost twice as fast!
User-centered design

Integrated interface taken to the next level!

Operators don’t sit at their desk all day. They walk around the production hall, performing numerous tasks. Therefore, we embedded the most crucial feedback elements (machine status and toner status) in the design so they are visible through the entire production hall.

A symbolic representation of the printing process.

The characteristic color break on the Xeikon machines is more than cosmetic. The light grey color resembles unprinted paper, where the red color resembles toner/ink. So when you look at the machine, you actually "see" the color being applied to the medium.

Clearly a member of the family.

Over the years we have helped Xeikon to create many breakthrough innovations. We’ve created machines that each have a strong personality but share a style that is unique in the market. Of course we were very proud to once again be their preferred partner in the development and design of this revolutionary machine.

God is in the details, even on the inside.

Beautiful designs can only shine if the finishing is impeccable. That’s why we developed the sheet metal casings up to the very last detail. It is the best way to make the initial design intend come true, without compromises and continue the style everywhere even on the inside of the doors.
The result
The Xeikon CX500 is a new landmark in the digital printing industry. It’s a machine that company owners like to show off and operators love to work with!