Blending performance with emotion

We are a seasoned team of passionate cyclists that has built up extensive expertise in the cycling industry by developing performance road bikes, cargo bikes, high end e-bikes, cycling accessories and components.

We can help you with your challenges

Bicycles for competitors, enthousiasts and adventurers.

Any type of bicycle with a motor and battery.

Individual bicycle components, mechanical or with integrated electronics.

Design for local and just in time manufacturing.

Strategy & innovation

We help you define a clear vision and strategy for your product, explore new business opportunities in emerging markets and develop viable product-service-systems (e.g. MAAS). Our innovation experts look at the broader picture so you can mitigate risks and make sound decisions.

Concept development and visualisation

Our knowledge of the bicycle industry and its different markets allows us to make educated design decisions about both the performance and aesthetics of your product. Even in the early design stages, we help you to conceptualise your vision with a great sense for feasibility. This can be a single sketch, a pitch presentation or even a virtual prototype with an online market validation campaign.

Aska Bike frame design

Brand building

Great brands are hard to ignore and easy to get. We rhyme company purpose, position and personality to help brand identify and clarify who they are. It’s about building something that people care about and want to feel connected to.

Styling & CMF

Bicycles are truly lifestyle-sensitive products. We make sure our designs not only function but also look brilliantly. Styling, colors and material finishes are more than the sum of product and brand design. The right blend of details and finishes result in differentiation and expression. It communicates your brand promise and adds identity to your products. We strive for the perfect synergy between contemporary trend and timeless standard.

What our clients are saying.

“Achilles has guided us to the ultimate Speed pedelec, Ellio. From idea board to 3D model, they translated our out of the box engineering dream into a unique product. When supplier design rules and assembly claim their rights, they ensured that the original design retained its power until the finish.”

Tomas Keppens, Founder of Intu-E-Drive

Frame & hardware development

Driven to create outstanding user experiences, our core competency is the mastery of the whole bicycle development process from design ideation, frame geometry, silhouettes, CAD modeling, virtual prototypes, test models, small production batches to industrial mass production and implementation. We also like to lean on other expertise areas within Achilles design: wearables, electronics, mechanisms, alternative production techniques, etc.

Advanced Engineering and Finite Element Analysis

For all bikes to be permitted on European roads, the frame and all components need to go through ISO 4210 fatigue testing. Building prototypes for these tests is expensive and time consuming. FEA can help in finding the cause of a failed test or can be used to predict design errors even before the first test.

Our engineers perform mechanical performance calculations/FEA analysis for (torsional) stiffness, fatigue testing of frames,joining techniques, etc. 

Design for manufacturing

We are down to earth and work towards the realisation of products. From the start, feasibility and design for manufacturing are on our minds. Our expertise and experience from across industries enable us to drive projects from the initial sketch all the way to finalized products.

Media creation

Now that you have your desired product, you’ll need to put it out there in the world. We can help with the necessary visuals, renderings, videos or even POS material to showcase your product in a captivating way.

Some of our work

A brand identity for a true compagnon de route

Make your commute a micro adventure

Stay visible for 360° around

Ride Ellio

A premium cycling brand named after the most famous rider ever!

The royal way to explore

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