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Friday 15/09/2023

Start-up event: Afternoon brews & breakthroughs

Join us on Friday september 15th for an afternoon at Achilles Design — an immersive series of start-up events that fuel the spirit of innovation and propels businesses towards success.
At this start-up event, we embrace the entrepreneurial mindset, catering to visionaries who seek to bring their ideas to life. Start-ups wanting to launch the next groundbreaking product as well as businesses committed to enhance their services and customer experiences. Delve into interesting talks, thought-provoking discussions and engaging workshops that broaden your horizon. Explore our in-house R&D facility, discover the perfect blend of design and engineering, and immerse yourself in a network of like-minded individuals.


14h00: The ten attributes of good business models - Axel Funhoff

Axel has been an equity analyst for 10 years and is a professor as well as coach for starting entrepreneurs since 8 years. This presentation is part of Axel’s curriculum at the Antwerp Management School in the program “Master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship”. It’s specifically relevant to early-stage companies who can still adjust or add to their business models in order to maximise the value of their company.

“Everybody should be aware of those business model design features that can substantially add to the company value.”

14h20: How to validate your business ideas - Babette Gommeren (BUFFL)

For many companies BUFFL is a wise guide throughout the whole innovation process, from identifying a problem to putting its solution in the market. This afternoon, they’ll share how start-ups can iteratively validate ideas and assumptions by using real-time info about their target audience.

“If you struggle to really understand what customers want, this talk helps you find out whether your target audience will be interested in this new product you’re thinking of.”

14h40: Improve business & deliver better products with services - Tom Verbist

Tom is an experienced product & service designer and teacher at Thomas More. He has helped both corporate businesses and small start-ups in creating or improving services. He’ll show you the foundations of service design: changes you could make in client interactions or internal processes and how service options can bring additional value to your current and future products.

“This talk is suited for beginners and will help start-ups become aware of previously unknown opportunities to improve the customer experience”.

15h00: Tour around the office and R&D lab

See first-hand how brands, spaces and products come to life. This is your chance to ask our engineers anything you’ve always wanted to know about 3D printers, laser cutters, water jet cleaning, electronics, textile prototyping, etc.

16h00: Refreshing drinks and networking

17h00: Start your weekend

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