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Blending performance with emotion

Sport & lifestyle products need to perform intuitively, stir emotions in your audience and express your brand. Achilles Design understands this balancing act and always strives for those solutions that both look and function brilliantly.

Lifestyle Products

We take a holistic approach to designing lifestyle products, considering all aspects of the product’s form, functionality and brand promise. From rational specifications of ergonomics, performance, durability and reliability to aesthetics as well as an emotional connection, we make sure every dimension is tailored to the user experiences and brand fundamentals.

Bicycle Design

Over the years Achilles has built up specific expertise in the bicycle industry through the development of performance road bikes, cycling accessories and components, urban bicycles, and high-end e-bikes. Our knowledge of the bicycle industry and its different markets allows us to make educated design decisions that relate to both the performance and the aesthetics of your product.

Sports Equipment

Professional sports equipment should lead to outstanding sports performance during training and competition. Every design choice we make – from functionality to form, material and technology – is made for competition. The outcome is state-of-the-art equipment that excels as much in performance as it does in its ease of use, thereby empowering operators and impressing spectators.


Why Achilles?

Kambukka drinking lid components

We untie the innovation knot

Design thinking is more than a buzzword, it’s a mindset. When developing new solutions, the first phase can be confusing as nothing is certain and every question seems to bring up more questions. Our hands-on approach – based on short iterations of analysis, design, prototyping and verification – will guide you through the design uncertainties and help you bring validated solutions to the market.

Ellio 3D printed battery cover fitment

Multi-disciplinary approach

From a very early design stage, we combine industrial design expertise with graphic, brand, mechanical, UX and electronics design experience. Our multi-disciplinary teams of experts combine proficiency with respect to performance requirements, manufacturing insights, material selection, with expertise in product handling, as well as color and style choices. Next to having the required technical skills, we also understand the necessity of strategic product, service and market fit, which our brand designers can translate into a suitable brand identity.

Bicycle CMF board

Styling & CMF

Styling, colors and material finishes are more than the sum of product and brand design. The right blend of details and finishes result in differentiation and expression, it adds personality and identity to your products. In some cases it’s all about moving along contemporary trends, and in others it’s about creating timeless standards.

Telling your story

If you want to build a successful brand that will profit from growing customer loyalty, your brand needs to tell a story and be visible. Creating a brand story is not simply about standing out and getting noticed. It’s about building something that people care about and want to be connected with. It’s about thinking beyond the utility of products and striving for the creation of meaningful bonds with your customers.

Recent work
Achilles has guided us to the ultimate speed pedelec, Ellio. From idea board to 3D model, they translated our out of the box engineering dream into a unique product. When supplier design rules and assembly claim their rights, they ensured that the original design retained its power until the finish.

Tomas Keppens

Founder of IntuEdrive

Simon Depauw

Senior Expert Industrial Designer

Joris Ronsmans

Senior Manager Industrial Designer

Yves Peeters

Senior Manager Industrial Design

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