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We design and build category-defining products

We work with forward-thinking companies and startups to design, engineer and launch differentiating products that inspire users and drive business growth across sectors, like medical, retail, construction, industry, sports, consumer, and more.

Sports & Lifestyle

Whether we’re working, learning, doing sports or just moving around: the products we use shape how we live our lives on a daily basis. From lifestyle items to athlete-grade sports equipment and solutions for better mobility (we’re really good at bicycle design), we bring over twenty-five years of experience in design of sports and consumer products that bring together brand and personal user identity in differentiating human experiences.


Designing better health has been at the core of Achilles’ work since the early days. We work closely with patients, caregivers and clinical professionals to create medical devices, implants and tools that address their needs, improve health outcomes and minimize risk. Our user-centered development and testing processes ensure your latest innovation is designed for high usability and meets the latest regulations.


Professional operators deserve machinery and equipment that make their lives easier. With our holistic approach to design and engineering, we solve human problems with technical solutions that excel in performance, durability, ergonomics, safety and aesthetics. Our aim is always the same: to empower every individual operator with adapted tools that help them work better, safer, and more efficiently.

Retail & Food

From resource to store and shelf to door and screen, we’ve worked with retailers and suppliers to articulate their brands with spaces, products and services in a way that meets growing customer expectations and delivers commercially. Our teams combine skills in design and branding with rock-solid commercial intuition to create immersive experiences that inspire the customer journey from first discovery to perennial brand advocate.


We solve complex business challenges with easy-to-use products

Human-centered design

We create differentiating products by challenging the status-quo from a human-centric lens. From sketch to launch, iterative application of user research techniques, rapid prototyping and usability testing ensure that the unique behaviors, expectations and environments of end users inspire every design choice we make.

Scalable system architecture

Our teams build on long-standing expertise in technical feasibility, user validation and prototyping to develop system layouts and product architecture early on in the process. In parallel, we draw on best practices in electronics, mechanics, software and new technologies to optimize for longevity, manufacturability and regulatory standards.


Styling is more than ‘making a product beautiful’. Companies want to be recognised for their qualities and brand promise. That’s why we allways build our designs on the core brand values, to create an emotional connection between the user and the product or brand. But the look and feel of a device can is also functional. A good design will help the user to smoothly operate a practically self-explanatory product.

Manufacturing and production management

Our engineers are experts in a wide range of production techniques, like injection moulding, sheetmetal, extrusion, die casting, milling, 3D-printing, and more. From mechanical engineering to verification of the last prototypes and first production runs, we guide you all the way to ensure the product is set to conquer the market.

Recent work
We saw the immense potential of smart glasses that could meet the needs of an industrial environment. Achilles helped us to bring this idea to become an innovative and unique product.
To combine speed and quality in both product and design is a key factor in an ever-changing market. Achilles gets this.

Nick Horemans

Xeikon / Technology leader-Mechanics

Tim Ruytjens

Senior Manager Industrial Designer
Healthcare lead

Yves Peeters

Senior Manager Industrial Design

Joris Ronsmans

Senior Manager Industrial Designer

Raf Schoors

Industrial Design Expert

Kasper De Geeter

Project Engineer

Lucas Van Dorpe

Industrial Designer

Philip Madden

Senior Expert Industrial Designer
Healthcare design

Simon Depauw

Senior Expert Industrial Designer

Thomas Lust

Physician / Biomedical engineer
Project Engineer

Tine Vande Verre

Industrial Designer

Ward Adriaenssen

Industrial Design Manager

Martijn Vanschoenwinkel

Biomedical Engineer
Project Engineer

Vincent Welleman

Manager Product Design & Engineering

Claus Bertels

Industrial Designer

Victor Coucke

Electronics Engineer

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