Starting from a product idea, our multidisciplinary design team follows the complete product development process together with you. The goal is to innovate, based on a clear product and design strategy. Boundless creativity paired with meticulous engineering leads to the realisation of your next successful product.

Our team of service experts, industrial designers and engineers translates your dream into a viable product design, which is ready for the market.


The ‘Double Diamond’ process maps the divergent and convergent stages of a design process.  It places as much emphasis on upfront problem identification and definition, as it does on the more typical execution phases. Not only do you focus on designing and building the thing right, but also on designing and building the right thing.


It all begins with a thorough analysis of the existing situation. Your idea, product, market and business vision are crucial components of the product development process.

Understanding user needs and actions is our starting point in each and every process, and we are passionate about seeking simple solutions to complex challenges. User testing, trend analyses and marketing input provide us with the crucial user insights that lead to genuine product innovations.

Technology scouting and marketing research test the various possible avenues for development.

System design engineering

We are able to develop a system layout and product architecture at an early stage thanks to low tech prototypes, rapid user evaluation cycles and a technical feasibility study. Electronics, mechanics and software challenges are addressed in parallel and considered in the making of system choices.

Concept design

Design, materials, surface quality and graphic design are all tools for ensuring that the target group is addressed and that the brand conveys the right value. A good product makes its own use easier and more enjoyable.

The product is evaluated iteratively throughout the design process using sketches, visual mock-ups, photorealistic renderings and digital virtual reality. This is how we ensure that the optimal choice is selected.

Product development

A product idea is not yet a product. Achilles ensures that a product's feasibility is monitored from the outset. Manufacturability, assembly and cost are factored into the design and monitored and followed-up throughout the design process. The design's environmental impact is evaluated during the system design, and the most sustainable solutions are selected on the basis of trade offs during the elaboration phase.

Rapid prototyping & verification

We are able to conduct rapid evaluations of design concepts thanks to our hands-on approach and our own 3D printing factory. Thanks to our years of experience with prototype suppliers, we are able to source high quality prototypes and small production runs that are the most appropriate for your project. Our virtual reality (VR) experience enables products to be digitally evaluated: ergonomic controls can be done without having to create physical products.

Validation & industrialisation

The design is finished, the final drawings have been approved, and all details are settled. Together with our partners, we remain actively involved in the mechanical engineering and the inspection of the first products. We organise or provide you with guidance in the verification of the final prototypes or of the production run. We assist the manufacturer with the start-up, ensuring that the design can easily be transferred to production.