Creating products for sporters is a discipline on its own. It is about creating equipment that enhances the athlete’s performance, at the same time breathing the brand promise of the sports label.

Our designers have a long experience in creating products for professional sporters in different sports disciplines such as biking, gymnastics and basketball. We push the boundaries of sporting goods innovation, taken into account the performance needs of professional sporters that require cutting edge technology.
Our sports design team understands the market for sporting goods, the trends and the competition to create the most stable racing bikes for Merckx, top notch 3x3 basketball towers for Schelde Sports and certified Olympic gymnastic equipment for Janssen-Fritsen.

Sporting gear designed by Achilles is used by top sporters across the globe. Watch our work during the Olympic games, international basket tournaments or bike races.

We leverage the knowledge and experience we’ve gained in developing professional sports products by turning them into equipment for recrea- tional sporters.
In the case of Eddy Merckx Cycles, we collaborate with their engineering and marketing team to create, each year, a completely new range of bikes for different user groups: road, cross-country, fixie, etc.
For Schelde Sports, we brought basketball to the street through the creation of the “Street Slammer”, a fully mobile and modular tower system, specifically designed for easy transportation and setup.

But sports is more than just technology, it’s also about brand loyalty and passion. We write the sports brand story and integrate it into the product and the graphics.