Achilles Design has a strong expertise in the design and development of technical products with a complex assembly, such as capital goods, machines and robots. Examples include various machine housings, user interfaces & terminals for digital payment traffic and industrial lighting.
The premise of Achilles design in the development of these products is always user-centred: we provide technical solutions to human problems.

We believe that such a holistic perspective, when it is applied from the early, conceptual stages on,before anything is materialized, will inevitably resultin machines and devices with a more efficient operation flow and an increased productivity..

We explore and verify user situations and usage possibilities by immediately bringing them into practice, through breadboards and prototypes, and by continuously experiencing and testing them.

Our approach involves the participation of end users, i.e. machine operators and service technicians. We set up several tests and experiments, quantitative (measuring operation times) as well as qualitative (questioning the participants) ones.
Also in B2B, brand identity is key. A strong and universal brand identity & design language creates recognition and familiarity with an industrial product family. The connection between a brand and a qualitative product-service system ensures that the quality is clearly recognizable, at the same time strengthening the brand. Achilles developed brand identities and common design languages for different industrial players such as Atlas Copco, Xeikon, CG Power, Worldline, etc .
Our engineers make sure that our products are not just concepts but are producible and real-world proof. We take care of spec writing, 3D CAD, DFA/DFM, Finite Element Analysis, structural strength and flow analysis services. Together with our strategic partners in electronic engineering and embedded software, we can bring your product from concept all the way to production.

From evaluation of a product concept to the full release of tooling, our experienced engineers can take nearly any type of challenge. During the different project phases (Technical Feasibility Study, Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing and Production support), our engineers focus on the end goal: bringing a successful product to the market.