Xeikon develloped a new digital label press that packs speed, versatility and quality like no other. Its top speed of 30 m/min makes the Xeikon CX3 is the most productive 5-colour digital label press in its class. It is, in effect, a class of its own. This machine needed a top-class casing that reflects the state-of-the-art inside. That’s where Achilles came in the picture.

For designs that truly fit the customer, we build our designs on the companies core values.

Every single person has a different opinion on what 'looks good' and what doesn't. That's why we use the companies core values as a solid base to build our designs on. This results in products that resemble the brand identity and have a strong family look.

A symbolic representation of the printing process, defines the signature of the machine.

The characteristic color break represents the paper that receives toner iside the machine. Blank paper enters the machine (light grey casing) and leaves the machine in full color (red casing).

God is in the details,
even on the inside.

Beautifull designs can only shine if the finishing is impecable. That’s why we develloped the sheetmetal casings to the very last detail. It’s the best way to make the initial design intend come true, without compromises and continue the style everywhere even on the inside of the doors.

A machine with it’s own personality,
but clearly a member of the family

Over the years we have helped Xeikon to create many breakthrough innovations. We’ve created machines that each have a strong personality but share a style that is unique in the market. Of course we were very proud to once again be their preferred partner in the development and design of this revolutionary machine.

“To combine speed and quality in both product and design is a key factor in an ever-changing market.  Achilles gets this.”

“The challenge was to find a new interpretation of the characteristic Xeikon style, to create a new design that is compatible with all the existing periferals.