Together with Achilles, Worldline developed a NFC-payment terminal for unattended vending applications. The goal was to create a robust & versatile product, without any compromises on æsthetics, ease of use or security and fit it all in a very small footprint. This combination makes integration in the vending machine very easy.

Secure payments by tap-and-go

The goal of NFC payment in vending applications is to make the payment process really quick and easy. Visualising this process helped us to optimise the process and provide the necessary visual feedback to the user.

Through user centered design, we created an easy workfl ow
that allows service operators to save time (and money).

The product was designed to operate stand-alone, but sometimes service operations will be necessary. In this case, time is money. A good accessibility to all key components; everything clearly organised; easy & flexible installation possibilities, ... All these allow the service operator to work fast and accurately. That’s why we paid even more attention to the design of the back than to the front.

Prototypes made in house
gave us immediate feedback
on the quality of our design

The limited footprint challenged us to find very compact, yet durable solutions. Our in-house prototyping capacity allowed us to verify these solutions immediately, in the real world. Not once, but over and over again, untill we had everything perfect.