ADYTON Hardware Security Module is a hardware-based encryption device and cryptographic accelerator, that protects secret Keys and performs high speed cryptographic operations. Because this product contains very valuable information, high-end security is crucial. Different protective layers, one on top of the other, turn the Adyton into an impregnable fortress.

Form followed function. And vice versa.

Technology and aesthetics really went hand in hand in this project. It was heat management that defined the form and the form that defined the component layout. With casework made entirely out of milled aluminum, the result is a high-end aesthetic, with a lot of respect for the quality of the material and attention to details.

Protective layers keep intruders out,
but they keep the heat inside as well.

To protect the product from being cooked inside it’s own skin, heat dispersion became one of
the key factors in the design process. In the end, the inner module was so well secured, it was
even impossible for the heat to escape. A complex system with heat pipes penetrating every
layer was the only good solution. This specific item required a lot of design work and testing.

Design quality that was recognised by
international experts

Close collaboration with the suppliers allowed us to deliver a mature
design that was optimized in both performance, aesthetics and efficiency
in production. The result is a product that once again meets the high
Worldline standards and for that reason it was awarded a Red Dot
Design Award & an iF Award.

"In terms of design and performance, we maintain very high standards at Worldline. We like to work with Achilles because we know they are able to deliver the quality that we expect."

"In this project we took our time to find a solution where technology, aesthetics and ease of use, really went hand in hand. I'm proud you can see that in the final result."