Ubidata develops and commercializes mobile logistics solutions. They assist customers in tracking, analysing and optimizing their fleet, goods, shipments and cargo management. In order to bring to life their brand values within product development they joined forces with Achilles Design.

Styling equalizer


Through mood boards and an accompanying styling equalizer, we translated Ubidata's company values into tangible design features. In this way we forgo the discussions of whether something is objectively beautiful or not, but rather focus on communicating key brand values.

Pencil studies

After listing all requirements and building a sound product architecture, we could start sketching and exploring all kinds of shapes. Combining features of different proposals resulted in a final concept.

Built to last

This device is made to hang underneath a cargo truck or train for years without anybody looking after it. On the one hand you can imagine it needs to be resistant to water, dust and impact. On the other hand Ubidata asked us to emphasise the human aspect of their services. This resulted in a sturdy, yet elegant looking 3D model, feasible for production which conveyed Ubidata’s key values of technical excellence, robustness combined with a human touch.

Making it real

By sourcing the appropriate parts and right materials within budget, we could quickly produce the first visual prototypes. These prototypes were shown to Ubidata's customers at SITL in Paris, the international meeting place for transport, logistics and supply chain.

To be continued...

"Working with Achilles Design has enabled us to convey our strong underlying brand values in the embodiment of our product development program."

"We listen carefully to our customer and translate their needs into a real product, within a couple of weeks if necessary."