CommScope wanted to develop a new way of accessing and managing optical cables and their connections. Within this new system, the needs of the end user (the operator) were to be central. Achilles Design played a driving role in a fair part of the development.

Conceptual ideas for manual handling of optical data cables

Through sketches and cardboard mock-ups, we explored several ways of managing a large amount of data cable connections. We considered the user the startpoint of our inquiry, which was primarily driven by human values, like transparency, ease of use and intuitiveness.

Prototyping and testing

Intuitiveness and ease of use are phenomena that only emerge in interaction. Therefore we considered
it paramount to immediately bring our ideas in the physical world and test them. This
resulted in a hands-on, prototype-driven design process.

A product platform

The result is a modular and versatile product platform that enables toolless, plug and play installation and handling.

“I highly valued the Achilles Design mentality:
strong conceptual thinking in combination with a
grounded hands-on approach.”

"An ODF system typically is a grey investment
good with a technical look and feel. We approached
FACT as a useful, meaningful and desirable
product range with a distinctive identity."