Terumo asked us to help them develop a more efficient modular tube sealing device. They wanted a unit that took up as little worksurface as possible
and can quickly be interconnected with multiple devices when needing to seal off numerous blood samples in line. This partnership led to a device that
not only looks good but also boosts productivity in the lab.

Engineered to be robust and efficient while taking up as little room as possible

By designing a fold out mechanism, we were able to quickly and accurately place multiple devices next to eachother.
This can be done in several distances from eachother, depending on the blood sample size needed.

Intelligent connection to improve efficiency

The connected units communicate with eachother in order to make sure the seals are
made correctly the first time, everytime.

An intuitive and elegant solution

By keeping the front face clean, a user can immediately see if the unit is
ready. Simply by sliding a tube down the front face it falls directly into the
sealing head.

"The unique design of the T-SEAL II has become the worldwide standard today."

In the lab environment, efficiency is king. We designed the T-SEAL II from top to bottom to be as clean, simple, and compact as possible.”