Telenet’s ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) unit is hard at work studying the customer experience around their products and services. This group supports Telenet’s transition to a more customer focused company by continuously mapping, evaluating and improving their customers use, pains and gains experienced around their products and services. Creating a better customer experience is hard work and it requires close cooperation between all departments to generate and maintain a clear joint understanding of the experiences Telenet aims for.

As a design agency with a proven track in empathy and storytelling, Telenet asked us to come up with a way to make every “Telenetter” aware of the experiences day-to-day clients have, better understanding their relationship with them and therefore enabling them to really improve those experiences.

Funny animated soap

The solution was the birth of a funny and light animated soap to be broadcast during lunch. Every day at noon, an episode of the typical client family plays on 3 adjacent screens in the dining place.

The challenge was to put each and every Telenet employee in the shoes of their clients and walk them through the customer journey, not only in an easy to digest manner but also to inspire them. We proudly introduce the Playzier family.

Characters & style

The concept stays close to the prevalent company culture at Telenet and is one that young and old will still appreciate. A funny, sarcastic, tongue- in-cheeck soap, full of sympathetic caricatural characters representing an everyday belgian family and the different workers at Telenet of course. By employing a flat but colourful style made out of primary shapes, we can inject a lot of emotion while maintining a flexible and quick way of working. The episodes are revisited based on the quarterly NPS-results.

It’s Showtime!

The soap plays at noon in the cafetaria on 3 adjacent screens. The left screen shows the family and what it’s gotten itself into this time. The middle screen serves as an informative screen, it translates what is happening on the left screen to the correct components of an experience journey (actions, pains, gains, journey steps, etc...). The right screen evaluates what is happening on the two screens on its left. It relates this information to Telenet’s objectives that quarter and its strategy as a whole.

In conclusion

By promoting these informative and playful animations Telenet drives home the fact that a good customer experience is essential to what they do. In many ways a good customer experience is the real product that they are trying to sell.