The global market leader in basketball systems, Schelde Sports, once again asked us to join their team. Their mission? To turn the worlds shopping mall parking lots into urban 3 on 3 basketball arenas. A noble cause if you ask us.


The challenge with this project was the long wish-list. Flat pack, stack-able, transportable, safe, advertising space, fast and easy setup by one person, and all that at a competitive price.


To begin with this demanding task we started off with a thorough competitor analysis and field research. Seeing where the opportunities were we then dove into the system design. A series of scaled down 3D printed prototypes helped us to quickly lock into a functional and ergonomic concept.

Technical concept

After detailing this concept out we handed it back to Schelde Sports. They threw their vast knowledge at it, refined it, and built a full size prototype. From there, it was off to conquer the world's parking lots. Good teamwork, technical know how, and a passion for what you do is always a slam dunk combo.