When you start out with a project like this, a knowledge lab for the future of retail, it's important to start out with a strong corporate identity.
The development of an animated wall visual, two experience tours and a roadshow shortly followed.

A new corporate identity for the retail experience platform

The logo of The loop was in dire need of a makeover. We revamped the visual style with vibrant colors, clear defi ned lines and a matching type-face. Using the shapes of the logo as a reference we deduced a set of characters, icons and other graphical elements. The shape of the letter ‘p’ for example returns as the head of The loop’s characters.

Making an animated wall visual for the retail experience platform

Using after effects we created an animated visual for the retail experience. This landscape animation was projected on the walls in The loop’s meating space and showcased a customer journey with different stakeholders mapped on a virtual city. The characters, icons and animations where all done in accordance with the corporate identity.

The loop futurelab's in house tours

We where commissioned to construct an inspirational tour around
two central theme’s: future customer services and the future of HR. Working together with The loop’s partners and by adressing new ones, a storybook and journey was drafted out. The end deliverable were visuals, animations and exhibition lay outs.

Loop on the move, roadshow on the future of shopping

Similar to the in house tours, we were commisioned to design an inspirational roadshow on the future of shopping. The same proces was followed as before with the key difference the whole exhibition had to be transportable. The development of storybooks and the journey happened parallel with the arrangement and floor plan of the containers.