Kipando believes cycling is one of the key solutions in a changing perception of mobility. Target is to Increase the availability of bicycles by eliminating barriers to riding a bike. By focusing on a business to business market the system had to incorporate several point of views from the various stakehold- ers. Not only the end user but also the customer company as the service provider have many needs and expectations.

As a design agency with a proven track in smart products and experienced in the design of bicycles Kipando asked Achilles to join forces to turn this idea into a solution.

Simple and intuitive design

The solution is a bicyle lock that can by accessed either with a smart- phone app using Bluetooth Low Energy or phoneless with a keypad. It provides best-in-class autonomy with a rechargeable battery and solar energy harvesting, so no need to swap batteries.

Need a bike? simply order your bike with your mobile phone and with your mobile in your pocket you can access your bike with a simple push on the button!

Small, smaller, smallest

Creating a bike lock that can withstand brute force, and is still compact, ligthweight and allow the bike to be safely fixed, we came up with a pat- ented mechanical solutions that combine all requirements in a simple and reliable design that can be easily fattached on all standard bikes.

Making it really easy and comfortable to
the user with an intiutive user interface.

Users can easily locate a rental bike, and rent it on the fly.
The user interface integrates seemless with the service system and is easy to use.

Sourcing parts and prototyping

We needed to source the right parts & materials that are economic feasable and integrate into prototyping and test thoroughly.

"This was not just about product design. We needed an integrated design approach. With Achilles we had the perfect partner to do so."


"We had to combine strategic service design with state of the art product design, engineering and digital design. We were responsible for the development and total project management"