Colruyt Group asked Achilles to design an original look for its school supplies. To achieve this, we immersed ourselves - sometimes undercover - in the world of youngsters. And guess what? They want hip and cool school supplies to show off. Gadgets that are just the coolest. In other words, they want swag, and we give them just that - with a wink and a nod to the parents.

Let’s doodle!

Doodling is something young people all do, whether consciously or unconsciously. Names, drawing and logos are scrawled all over pencil cases, notebooks, and book bags. Their drawing style is often influenced by comics, cartoons and (animated) films.

The design

The starting point is a visual that reflects the world of young people. Kangourou's school products, and what they are used for, are all incorporated in the drawing.


A fragment of the doodle is always placed on the packaging. Preferably a fragment that is linked to the product. The drawing can be rotated or even mirrored. This creates a different picture every time, always in line with the same happy family. We also play around with background colours. No monotony, just a cool and chill design. It makes learning more fun!

From packaging to product range

As it turned out, the doodle was also very usefull as a pattern on a product range of stationery, wrapping-papers and a variety of school equipment.