Sounds impressive doesn’t it? Well it is. This little box saves you money, helps save the environment and keeps an eye on things when you can’t. The Smart Energy Box from Electrabel, Fifthplay and the Niko Group lets you measure the power consumption of your devices online at any time. You can also control your appliances remotely, program the automatic switching on and off of your electrical equipment and even be warned when something unusual happens.

Home Area Manager

For their new gateway, the Home Area Manager or HAM for short,
Fifthplay called upon the know-how of Achilles. Not only to deliver pure
and refined design for the exterior of the box, but also to engineer an
innovative modular interior. This patented building block system allows
the HAM to be connected to any type of network and gives partners an
easier way to develop hardware modules specific to their needs. This
allows the HAM to grow and essentially become even more intelligent.

Intuitive user interface

Using progressive proximity sensors, speech technology, and glowing LED feedback we
have created an interface that invites you in closer. Our design gives Fifthplay the power of

Sourcing parts and prototyping

Working on a very tight deadline, we pulled out all the stops in order
to deliver not only one design, but a DIN rail mounted version for the
professional market as well. Through sketching, CAD models and 3D
printed prototypes, we were able to quickly nail down the design and
deliver both products for production right on time.

“Fully finished and engineered products,
inside and out.”

“A balanced design that bridges the gap between
the technology inside and the people that benefit
from it.”