All model names are linked to a victory in Eddy’s incredible career. With 525 victories we don’t have to worry about naming future models. With a
distinguished branding and refined graphic design we emphasize the unique design language of each frame model in the range. Like this our great
partnership with Eddy Merckx Cycles continues every year to add to the legends story.

Experience Eddy’s racing spirit

Each frame is developed around unique characteristics. The graphics
should embrace the industrial design. Through sketching and detailed 3D
renderings we define colors and graphics from every viewing angle.
Blending Eddy’s true racing spirit and future market expectations results
into a differentiating appearance of each and every bike.

Prototyping and testing

Applying graphics on a bicycle frame requires accurate shaping and dimensioning of decals or
paintmasks. We combine 3D models with hand on cutting and pasting to define attractive but
feasible designs.


Every model has a final file containing clear details about graphics,
colors and sizes as well as application information. Allthough each model
is different, ouroal is to set up a consistent brand image through the
complete Eddy Merckx Cycles bike range, year after year.

“With our team of passionate and dedicated
people, we are building the highest quality
bicycles for demanding racing cyclists.”

“The real challenge is always keeping a good
balance between technicality and attractive