At Dreambaby, it's not just about selling baby products. It's about offering (future) moms proper advice, guidance and security. Achilles helped to focus the brand and developped a visual identity that radiates cheerful comfort.

The tree of life

The tree in the logo represents newborn life and all the potential it holds. Furthermore, the vivid coloured leaves, which come in all shapes and sizes, can outgrow the tree and create a graphic world on their own, becoming more then just a static logo.

A toolkit for graphic designers

Instead of delivering a rigid corporate identity, we presented a toolkit the designers at Dreambaby could use to explore new boundaries. Although colours and illustration style are determined, icons can be added at will & new visual stories can be told. 

Creativity that brings a touch of joy

Let's face it, the hardest work is done by all the people in the stores: listening to customers and giving them advice when needed. It's encoded in the Dreambaby employees DNA and written down in the brands code of conduct. The designers' job is to add that little extra. Cause in the end, it's about bringing that smile on a customers face. A happy client goes a long way onto the loyalty track.