Since 2000, Collect&Go enables Colruyt customers to shop online. In 2015, the Bio Planet store was added and the Collect&Go brand got a total make over. Together with a design team of the Colruyt retail Group, Achilles Design redefined the brand and designed all touchpoints on the customer journey.
The Collect&Go project is an example of retail design implemented by a multidisciplinary team of product-, brand- and service designers. In short, “Design Thinking” for retail.


Understanding the experience

In the first phase of the project, most attention goes to understanding and redefining the customer experience. All customer interactions are mapped out.

Focus on idea generation

Ideas do not come from out of the blue. They are based on insights, vision and hard creative work. In big cases this creative work most of the time is the result of a multidisciplinary design group.

Hands on!

As designers we create vision. But it’s up to the user to validate this vision. Succes is measured on the acceptance and the enthousiasm of the user. Therefor testing with users and in all stages is crucial.

360° touch pointing

Achilles Design is a one stop shop for new retail concepts. Within the project we designed and realised a whole range of both “clicks and bricks” touchpoints.

Brand identity

The transformation from an e-shop to a full shopping service meant we had to redefine the brand as well. A new mission statement was written and the brand became more focused on the consumer.

Visual language

In addition to the new identity, we developed a completely new visual language, giving the brand a more customer friendly face. A smiling logo, new icons and a different colour scheme were introduced, to further distance from the retail brand to which Collect&Go was originally related.