Patent pending system
with integrated solar panels

Blooloc needed a design for various applications in multiple markets together with a high accuracy and low investment & operating costs.
Together with BlooLoc’s patent pending system we created beacons with integrated solar panels and  tags that can be held in your hand or carried in your pocket or purse.

Retail store use case

Shopping malls, supermarkets and retail stores form the most
prominent indoor spaces for applications of indoor localization.
Several initiatives are popping up with respect to geo-couponing
and beacon marketing (push messaging).

Other cases: office builings, hospitals, airports, theme parks, etc.

Geo-couponing and
beacon marketing

Applications for retail stores can range from Customer Behavior, Consumer Navigation and Child Locator to e-Commerce, Work force optimization and Anti Theft.

Factory use case

In warehouses/factories a large variety of goods is stored and needs to be picked up for further delivery. The tags offer an ideal solution to improve effi ciency and productivity.
Tagging forklifts and their products gives information on where goods are picked and placed.

Other cases: convention centers, musems, cruise ships, etc.

Blooloc developer kit

The Developer Kit gives you hands-on experience with Bloolocs products. This contains a stand-alone system for deploying a single Cell indoor localization system. It includes the Blooloc Cloud SDK, pre-installed on the Basestation. It is perfect for temporary, stand-alone single cell deployments.

Smartphones, tags and beacons

The beacons are designed to be placed directly on to glass with micro suction cup tape technology. The smart design enables the beacons to be placed against a wall or light armature with customized brackets. Tags can also be worn as a badge, wristband, lanyard or keychain depending on the use case.