Achilles arose from two designers' passion for creating beautiful products. It is now a small business made up of a group of passionate employees who create much more than just beautiful products. Achilles not only develops amazing products, it also creates unique services and brands. We can summarise this and so much more in just three words: unique user experiences.

Throughout our growth and transformation, one thing has remained crucial: our passion for design. Without passion, there would be no Achilles.

Els Van Gils

Office manager

“I’m the official Achilles Zookeeper.”

Simon Depauw

Industrial designer

“Details do matter.”

Yassine Abid

Industrial / Service designer

“Heart, imagination, skills and knowledge ... in that order.”

Yves Peeters

Industrial designer

“A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it”

Nele Vermaelen

Brand designer

“Yours creatively”

Jürgen Oskamp

Managing director

“99% transpiration, 1% inspiration”

Tom Verbist

Industrial / Service designer

“Design is a balancing art”

Wannes De Schepper

Brand designer

“Talk to the brand”

Ward Adriaenssens

Industrial designer

“That’s a good idea!”

Ward Vancoppenolle

Industrial / Service designer

“Design is people”

Koen Elsen

Managing director

“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”

Raf Schoors

Industrial designer

“I’d rather you remember my work than my name”

Tim Ruytjens

Industrial designer

“Let’s create”

Joost Thurman

Business development

“Create a meaningful business, beyond profit.”

Lukas Van Campenhout

Industrial designer

Gerty Deschrijver

Brand / Digital designer

“Early bird with a bit of cuckoo”

Joris Ronsmans

Industrial designer

“Searching for the good stuff.”

Natalie Vos

Dtp operator

“Always in the mood”

Marc Van Strydonck

Industrial / Digital designer

“Give the world a reason to dance”

Philip Madden

Industrial designer

“Curiosity killed the cat. I’m not a cat”


Achilles is strategically located within walking distance of the historic centre of Mechelen, between Antwerp and Brussels. It is easily accessible by car, train, and even by plane.

Borchtstraat 30
B2800 Mechelen


After earning their master degree Industrial Design and after working in several design companies in Milan and Tokyo, Koen Elsen and Jurgen Oskamp started their own industrial design firm in 1995. Achilles Associates was born.

In the early years the main focus was on Industrial Design. Steadily Achilles grew towards a group of 10 passionate industrial designers. The company picked up numerous design awards along the way - designing succesfull products.In their quest of making better products, the innovation of the design process itself was a obvious evolution. The company shifted from a typical industrial design office to a multidisciplinary design consultancy firm. Helping companies to innovate their products, brands, services and digital experiences.   




As a thought design leader, our projects have been awarded with reknowned international design awards and were featured in national and international design publications, expos and conferences.

  • Three Reddot Awards: 2008, 2011 and 2013
  • 12 IF Awards: 2005, 2007, 2012 and 2013
  • Henry van de Velde Award 2015
  • World Technology Award 2016
  • Publications in Wired, Design Boom and many international magazines and blogs.