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Achilles as SME portfolio registered service provider

As a client of Achilles Design, and if you qualify as an SME and engage Achilles Design for projects that focus on advice provision, you can apply for a subsidy via the SME portfolio. This means you can get governmental financial support that can go up to 30% subsidization.
To be able to claim this support, your SME should measure up to the following:
  • SME or practitioner of a liberal profession
  • SME has an acceptable legal form
  • SME is situated in the Flemish region
  • SME is active in the private sector. Participation of the administrative government is less than 25 procent.
  • SME has an acceptable main activity
The aid rate depends on the size of the SME:
  • Small businesses (< 50 FTE’s and revenue < of = 10 mln)
    • Yearly subsidy of max 500 euro
    • Aid rate of 30%
  • Medium sized businesses (< 250 FTE’s and revenue < of = 50 mln)
    • Yearly subsidy of max 500 euro
    • Aid rate of 20%
Achilles is certified for "advice" via approval number DV.A233696
  • You sign an advice agreement with Achilles Design, and you send the signed quote to Achilles Design
  • You submit the grant application via this website, at the latest 14 days after the start of the project:
  • You transfer your own contribution to the SME portfolio account of Sodexo incl. the full VAT
  • Agency Innovation & Entrepreneurship also deposits your subsidy into this account.
  • Achilles Design starts the project and provides the advice.
  • You receive the invoice from Achilles Design and pay online via the SME portfolio.
  • In addition to an oral evaluation, you complete our short project evaluation form.
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