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Innovations 2020

We are happy to say that we have had the opportunity to work on some great projects, with some great people. Here's a selection of innovations we were able to realize in 2020. Not such a bad year after all.

Moonbird: A handheld tool for personalised breathing exercises

Research has proven that personalised breathing exercises can improve the wellbeing of people with stress, anxiety, panic attacks or sleeping problems. Moonbird asked us to develop a handheld device that will guide the user through their breathing exercises by providing tactile feedback.    

Ellio: Next generation speed pedelec that replaces the car

With Ellio, Intu-e-Drive aims to develop a bicycle that could be a full-fledged replacement for a car, a high end speed pedelec that’s safe, reliable and intuitive to ride. This is achieved through a series of innovative features: a 2 wheel drive system, automatic gear changes, autonomous braking, a powerful battery and intelligent control software. This bicycle is an innovative mobility solution that takes away the uncertainties of being on the go.


A-Stay is a stay for all kinds of people, with all kinds of reasons. Whether you’ll be having a loooong, short or undefined stay. It provides a lot of authonomy and freedom to their visitors. In this process, the identification of visitors is crucial to succes. Achilles designed a stand alone check in & recognition system that ensures an easy but accurate identification of the visitor at every touchpoint, allowing him to enjoy the full scala of services on demand.  

VRkeer: Increasing children’s safety in traffic with Virtual Reality

Most people think of Virtual Reality (VR) as a tool that is made predominantly for entertainment. In this project, our client wanted to go even further, by using this tool to bring traffic education into Flanders’ classrooms. Aeroplane and Achilles joined forces with “Virtual Learning is Reality” to create VRkeer, a virtual traffic education game in which children encounter a series of traffic scenarios that contain vital safety lessons and directions. The game required a dedicated set of VR hardware that was easy to transport, setup in classrooms, and used by children.

Hiron: Travel light, drive smoothly and enjoy!

In 2020, Fiets! decided on an extension of their product range by introducing their own new bicycle brand. Achilles Design was asked to define the positioning of this new brand. On that basis, we developed a whole brand identity. We created a name, a suitable logo and the graphic interpretation of the new brand, as well as the appearance of the bicycles and guidelines for their assembly.

Perfect Moose: hands-free recipe for the perfect microfoam

Milkfoaming takes a lot of skill, time, feel and practice. Perfect Moose is the smart, automated foamer which takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained and gives your customers a true treat worth coming back for. Using any liquid you like.

Iventri: The intelligent training for your body

We all know physical exercise and a healthy diet can help us to loose weight, but unfortunately we can't choose which areas of the body will burn more or less fat. In general, parts of the body with high blood circulation (like face and chest area) are more likely to burn fat than others (like the waist). The iVentri waistband creates an alternating overpressure and under pressure on the skin around the waist, to stimulate the local blood stimulation. By wearing iVentri during a training session, you will much faster get rid of those love handles.


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