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We design technical solutions to human problems

Our team is skilled in design, engineering and production. Solving human problems with easy-to-use technical solutions that excel in performance, ergonomics, reliability, durability, safety and aesthetics.

Machine Design

Professional machinery and equipment should seamlessly fit into the workflows of its operators. Every design choice we make – from functionality to form, material and technology – is based on empathy for the end user’s everyday reality. The outcome is state-of-art machinery that excels as much in ease of use as it does in performance, empowering operators and impressing clients.

Built for professionals

You can tell professionals by their tools. We take a holistic approach to designing professional equipment, considering all aspects of the product’s form, functionality and expected lifecycle. From ergonomics, performance and maintenance to durability, reliability and aesthetics as well as concerns regarding safety and health, we make sure every dimension is tailored to user needs, workflows and business requirements.

Purposeful environments and infrastructure

Technology is enabling new ways for people to connect with one another and the world around them. Our user-centric, multi-disciplinary approach seamlessly brings together human, physical, digital and spatial components to create fluid, purposeful environments that engage the senses and invite new ways to live, play and work, systematically removing all points of friction.

We know time is money

As much as productivity is about doing more, it’s just as much about having to do less. Tasks like maintenance, installation, quality checks and training all take away precious time from an operator’s core tasks. Our immersive design approach identifies these productivity killers in operational workflows so they can be eliminated by design and make the operator’s life a whole lot easier, boosting productivity in the process.

We untie the innovation knot. Our teams go beyond design. Researchers, designers, engineers and strategists work with you side-by-side from start to finish, ensuring final designs unite customer needs, technical feasibility and business goals in compelling user experiences. Achillesians are unusually passionate about getting it right, and will work across disciplines to make sure the results turn heads.

We design simple solutions to complex problems from a human-centric lens

Designing for human needs

We translate complex requirements into easy-to-use products that balance the possibilities of technology with user needs. Function, form, material, ergonomics, safety and more: iterative user research techniques, data science and prototyping ensures every design choice is infused with deep empathy for the challenges of the people we’re designing for.

Built for the toughest conditions

Our teams are highly skilled in the creative application of materials and technologies to create strong, durable products that resist external conditions – water, dust, wind and shocks – without compromising on performance. We are naturally familiar with a wide variety of product directives and requirements, like EMC, ATEX, IP ratings, and more.

Manufacturing and production management

Our engineers can direct a wide range of production techniques, like injection moulding, sheetmetal, extrusion, die casting, milling, 3D-printing, and more. From mechanical engineering to verification of last prototypes and first production runs, we guide you all the way through and ensure the product is ready to conquer the market.

Recent work
Working with Achilles Design has enabled us to convey our strong underlying brand values in the embodiment of our product development program.”

Opher Yaron

Ubidata / VP R&D
I highly valued the Achilles Design mentality: strong conceptual thinking in combination with a grounded hands-on.

Johan Geens

Commscope / Global System Architect

Ward Adriaenssen

Industrial Design Manager

Yves Peeters

Senior Manager Industrial Design

Raf Schoors

Industrial Design Expert

Lucas Van Dorpe

Industrial Designer

Tine Vande Verre

Industrial Designer

Claus Bertels

Industrial Designer

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