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User Experience (UX) Audit

You have an established app, website, platform or other digital product, but you feel like the user experience could be better? In this case our UX audit provides relief.
What is it

Optimize your digital user experience

In our UX Audit we will examine how users interact with your digital product or website, and how you can optimize that interaction. We will explore if users can find their way easily, or if they stumble upon disturbing elements. Also we’ll check if your marketing and branding goals are achieved. Together we will find how your customer connects with your company and how we can enhance this.

Who is it for

Made for founders, product owners, designers, and developers

If you already have an established digital product or service and want to improve its usability, our UX audit is the way to go. We will help you take a critical look at your product. Our UX audit is perfect for people or enterprises who already have a working product or application, but feel like it has the potential to grow. We can identify possible friction points and will find out where there’s room to significantly improve your user experience.

What can you expect from our UX Audit?


Introduction call

  • During our introduction call we gain insight in your business and its challenges. In this call we get to know your expectations and dig into the goals of your digital product.

Kick-off workshop

  • We will make sure we have all the information we need in order to conduct our UX audit during a half-day workshop to work together on the improvement of your user experience.

UX evaluation

  • During our audit we perform a walkthrough of the product or website to take a look at your digital product from a customer's perspective.

User testing & review

  • We validate our assumptions through user testing with qualitative data we have collected from actual users.


  • Recommendations for UX improvement are written down in our transparent UX audit report. The aim of the report is to work out different proposals that can be applied to your product to create the best user experience.
Results & deliverables

What is the output of our UX Audit?

After the audit you’ll get:
  • A comprehensive written report describing our expert usability insights, supported by user test results
  • Actionable advice and recommendations on what to improve and how
  • A roadmap and practical suggestions for tackling these challenges

Got an established product that has room to grow?

Let's grow it together