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Digital Product Kickstarter

Do you have a killer idea for your digital product, but no clue where to start? With our Digital Product Kickstarter, we got this covered for you.
What is it
Digital Wireframing

A half-day workshop to kickstart your idea

Your new idea is a great beginning, but that’s just the start. Where do you go from there? What assumptions are there to validate and what are the key features to establish in your product? What type of users can we identify and how will they engage with your product or service? And how to design & develop your idea from scratch? During the Digital Product Kickstarter we help you find the answers to these questions and identify the core features that make your product work.

Who is it for

Are you a start-up owner, SME or inhouse product team?

Our Digital Product Kickstarter is perfect for people and companies who have an idea for an app, IoT product, platform or any digital product they want to build. We help you understand what it takes to validate, design and build this as a minimum viable product. The workshop is suitable for start-ups and SME’s, as well as product teams within large organizations.

What can you expect from our Digital Product Kickstarter?


Introduction call

  • During our introduction call we gain insight in your business and its challenges and get an overview of your idea. In this call we get in touch with your product or service idea, and what it has to entail for your business.

Half-day workshop

  • Together we follow different modules to answer strategic questions and gather all information that is needed to kickstart your digital product idea during a half-day workshop.

Reporting & next steps

  • After the workshop you will receive a comprehensive report, including the key findings from the workshop and an overview of potential next steps to design & build your idea.
Results & deliverables

What is the output of our Digital Product Kickstarter workshop?

  • A comprehensive report describing the key findings from our workshop.
  • An overview of must-have features for your minimal viable product
  • A prioritized overview of complementary features for the future
  • A clear overview of next steps to turn your idea into reality
The workshop session ensures that we list all the necessities and most important features and requirements for the application. The digital product Kickstarter really helped to dissect the project and get all parties aligned around our product idea.

David Van den Weghe

Purchase Director Colmar Restaurants

Got a great idea?

Let's kickstart it together!