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Digital Product Design Belparts App

Digital product design & IOT

Connect products, services and clients seamlessly with your business, by creating the ultimate customer experience.

Mobile & web apps

Products and services don't stand alone anymore. They are connected trough web- and mobile applications that enhance their experience and facilitate intuitive interaction. User experience (UX) is everything in digital design, therefore a user interface (UI) that feels natural will improve your clients satisfaction and ease of use. This is crucial for a good digital product.

Embedded UI design

A user interface of a physical product requires a design that fits both with the hardware and the user. creating an intuitive digital physical product experience. Thanks to our experience both in product development and user interface design, Achilles is able to design physical products and user interfaces that are perfectly integrated with each other.
Digital Product Design Belparts App

Digitizing devices and tools

Creating or adding a digital layer on top of a new or existing product. Service tools for IOT devices, changing analog to digital interfaces, digital solutions for physical interactions.


More products than ever are connected to the internet, exhange data or deliver a service via internet. A bike gps, a bike lock, speakers... Achilles has developped many IOT products from digital bike locks to intelligent sensor gateways.
Applications, websites, physical products, and even services are interconnected. Therefore, designing a great user experience requires insights that go deeper and wider than just the digital world. Connecting with our other departments, we deliver digital products that are truly integrated within a wider ecosystem comprising physical products, brand experiences, strategic vision and services.

Focus on

Wireframing & User testing

In user interface and user experience, nothing is evident. Therefore it is important to test with users, and test a lot. Testing can make the difference between an average and an excellent design. We try to test as soon as possible in the development proces. The message is: fail as soon as possible, so you know what can be done better.

Development Front end & back end

At Achilles we do the total development of mobile apps and web applications. This includes front end, like user interfaces, and back end coding.


New ideas call for prototypes. From integrated sensors for field testing to an app connected with hardware to lock your bike. Depinding on the scope of the test these prototypes can look very much like the real deal.

Integrated products

In many cases an app or user interface is not a stand alone product. Even mobile apps in many cases need to work together with physical products. Thanks to our product development expertise we are well aware of the importance of integrating applications and user interfaces with physical products, to work in perfect harmony.
Recent work
Generating ideas with a 360° view resulted in simplified usability. This contributed in the shift from a medical device to a user-friendly product.

Adi Maschiach

Nyxoah / Co-founder

Jan Rutten

Senior Digital Product Designer

Joris van de Perre

Senior Brand & UX Designer

Jürgen Oskamp

Founding Partner

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