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Digital Marketing Audit

When you’re looking for the a way to boost your business into digital marketing, or if you feel like your digital marketing strategy needs a breath of fresh air, it’s probably time for a digital marketing audit.
What is it

Get the most out of your digital marketing

Our digital marketing audit is a thorough examination of all your digital marketing efforts. The performance of all your strategies, ads, and posts are evaluated, giving you an understanding of where your digital gaps and loopholes exist. Performing a digital marketing audit can help bring you more leads and conversions, and increase your overall visibility online.Together we will take a closer look at your buyer persona’s and create a customer journey that will make you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Who is it for

Together we can maximize your online performance

A digital marketing audit is perfect for companies that already have digital marketing strategies running and want to grow these. It is meant to help founders, marketeers and representatives see their digital marketing channels through a fresh set of eyes. It helps to identify the required steps to drive growth, reduce inefficient spending and maximize online performance in their company.

What can you expect from our Digital Marketing Audit?


Introduction call

  • During our introduction call we gain insight in your business and its challenges and get an overview of your current digital marketing efforts

Kick-off workshop

  • We will make sure we have all the information we need in order to conduct our Digital Marketing Audit. During a half-day workshop we gather all the required information and insights

Digital Marketing evaluation

  • During the audit we perform a walkthrough of all your Digital Marketing channels giving you an understanding of where your digital gaps and loopholes exist.

Reporting & recommendations

  • Actionable recommendations to boost your digital marketing are written down in a comprehensive report
Results & deliverables

What is the output of our digital marketing audit?

The audit results in an holistic overview of your new and improved digital marketing strategy, perfectly fitting your company. After the audit you’ll get:
  • Actionable advice on what to improve and how
  • Social & Community management strategy
  • Content marketing & SEO 
  • A roadmap and practical suggestions for tackling these challenges

Do you want to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy?

Let’s boost your digital strategy!