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A new brand identity for a true compagnon de route


Bike Republic’s next strategic steps 

Bike Republic (formerly known as Fiets!) is one of Belgium’s best known bicycle retail chains. The company originally targeted people who were looking for pure biking fun as well as bike repair services. Now, the company wants to move forward as a seasoned specialist who reliably accompanies cyclers on their journeys. All they have to do is enjoy their ride. With the help of our brand strategists Bike Republic became a true ‘compagnon de route’ for its customers.
Brand strategy

Strategy first: a strong focus on exciting people for cycling

After cooperating closely with our clients, we developed a new brand strategy and identity for Bike Republic that has a strong and dynamic focus on their brand promise: to enthuse people for cycling.

'Bike' represents the core product of the brand. 'Republic' stands for togetherness and represents the community that unites the cycling experience and its related pleasure.

Visual identity

The brand promise translated in a new visual identity

The new logo is the visual translation of the brand identity. The combination of the two fonts in the wordmark creates a harmonious mix between emotion and ratio. It gives the logo both a mature and human appearance. The brand symbol (the Velox), especially created for this identity, provides dynamism and advances communication. The name is a nod to ‘velo’, but also to speed. The Velox is the primary graphic element of our design language. It gives direction in a positive way and implies freedom of movement. Not only directional, but also in its implementation.
Bike Republic-inside-shop-kuurne
The emotional layering is reflected in the combination of the fonts. The primary font functions as the rational layer. This font type was specifically selected for its realistic and down-to-earth character, while at the same time expressing confidence. Without frills, ensuring clear communication in a mature way and most of all: without getting boring. The secondary font uses emotional layering and personal connection through its dynamic and directional appearance.
The chosen intense and energetic colour palette reflects the brand personality of Bike Republic. A good balance between quality of service and craftsmanship and the vitality of life, escaping the sobriety and dullness of daily routine. The palette offers several opportunities for variation and maintains a balance between activating and soothing, emotional and rational, warmth and coolness, extroverted and introverted.

With the main focus, creating a pleasure experience for cyclists, in mind, we developed a design that captivates the hearts of those who are looking for distinctiveness. Both emotionally and rationally. The dialogue with the customer was the guiding principle for us to come up with this design.

It was our pleasure to create a design for Bike Republic that fully reflects what their consumers are looking for today and tomorrow: a true ‘compagnon de route’.


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Brand identity for sustainable cleaning products



The young entrepreneurs of Brauzz. share a common passion for environment and efficiency. They came up with a solution to tackle plastic waste in the household sector. By replacing single-use cleaning product packaging with reusable bottles and refills, Brauzz. contributes to a sustainable way of cleaning.    
Achilles design was asked to create the brand identity, product and package design, reflecting their core values and beliefs.

Turn this abstract idea of 'our brand' into something more tactile

The client already came up with the brand name. Achilles initiated a brand sprint in order turn the abstract idea of “our brand” into something more tactile and developped different impressions of what the Brauzz brand identity could look like.

Sparkling sensation

The look & feel of Brauzz. is transparent and honest, but aims to surpass the usual eco-friendly branding.


The Brauzz. logo refers to the sparkling sensation the user experiences when mixing soap powder with water. Inspired by nature, the colors reflect a positive, calm and refreshing feeling.
“The idea of conscious use of materials and graphic elements is central throughout the brand process.”

Graphic elements

By reshuffling the elements that make up the logo, you get a playful set of clean lines, circles and dots. With this set you can endlessly create new variations of icons and patterns - recycling these elements over and over again.


The photography represents the sensory experience. Stylish, serene and human. Natural lights and soft colors. A sense of freedom.

Strong and elegant

The design of the bottle is elegant and distinguishes itself from other classic spray bottles. The leaf-shaped clip not only reinforces the bottle neck but also gives the spray bottle a trendy decorative look . We explored the design and tested the ergonomics of the bottle through 3D prints.

Sustainable, pure and honest – just like the Brauzz.’ brand promise.

Reflecting the brand’s identity, Brauzz. uses no-nonsense recycable cardboard packaging, enhanced with playful single-color graphics and accompanied by catchy frases encouraging the consumer.
Achilles created a young and dynamic brand environment accurately expressing Brauzz.’ spirit and personality.

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Explore wine the way like never before

VINEWAY is a radically new form of a personalised wine tasting journey – experienced at home. Every glass of wine has its own unique story and flavours that are waiting for discovery. The business plans to have a team of sommeliers and winemakers that travels throughout less known wine regions of Central & Eastern Europe to meet various winemakers who want their stories and wines to be discovered and told.
Achilles has developed a brand identity framework for VINEWAY that highlights the wine experience and ease of use. The project encompasses everything from naming, brand positioning and messaging, to packaging design, brand collateral and digital design, to art direction of the 3D product modelling and illustration.
The challenge for the designers was creating a brand identity that sets VINEWAY apart but also offer a neutral platform for the wine sector. The identity focuses on its mysterious and unconventional experience that users can luxuriate in. The name “VINEWAY,” a play on the word “VINE,” and “WAY” is simple, memorable and appeals to the senses. The wholesale range is largely inspired by poetry, chance happenings and random discoveries. This friendly spirit extends to the logotype, which is customized with a contemporary sans serif and a calligraphic construction. The illustrative pattern are wine fields from a bird’s perspective, which have been created in a natural way and can be assosiated with a map that guides a visitor through the journey. The basic color palette enhances the beauty of the pure wine colours.
3-D modeling
VINEWAY comes packaged in a child-proof box that provides a monthly personalised selection based on the client’s preferences in five special glass tubes from underrated winery regions from the Eastern part of Europe. We helped modeling the 3D products to get a realistic idea of how the product should look like eventually, thereby also positioning the start-up more visibly towards future investors.
The result
VINEWAY is designed to appeal to users, who are consuming wine for pure enjoyment and want to discover new wines in a better way to broaden their wine experience horizons.


Pure biking pleasure, designed in a remarkable campaign

How can you translate brand values and a brand promise in a unique communication concept via a distinctive design? Bike Republic has a compelling promise: it reinforces pure biking pleasure via its product range and services. We were invited to reinforce this brand experience. The pleasure was ours! While Covid-19 was omnipresent, Bike Republic asked us to develop a campaign to boost its brand promise in an actionable way. Our approach was two-fold.
Design approach
Our first step: creating an umbrella communications platform with pure biking pleasure as creative theme. While traveling abroad was not that evident, we incited the target group to discover unique regions in Belgium by bike. The added value of Bike Republic? The brand experience and the adventure already start from the moment you give your first pedal. Pleasure means spontaneity and imagination. We were thinking of our childhood and those unforgettable moments of our bike trips to sea, pretending you are a real captain. Or on our way to the forest, catching butterflies in our parent’s cargo bike. To bring this idea to life, talented illustrator Veerle Hildebrandt, was commissioned to embody this emotionally driven concept through a series of drawings on the photo's. By taking away a specific context, it becomes recognizable for everyone.
Our second step: illustrating 9 Bike Republic cycling itineraries in a casual and informative style. A rich source of inspiration for all the cyclists who are looking for pure biking pleasure! These itineraries are real discoveries and reveal special places all over the country. To emphasize the special character of the itineraries we needed to develop another style for the design of each of the 9 itineraries.
The design is a mix of playfulness and a realistic reproduction of the route. So, people already get a taste of what’s in store for them: that’s where the experience begins. Including the places of interest, they will see along the way.
The Bike Republic brand is present via its distinctive corporate colours that give the folder with the itineraries a contemporary look and feel. We want to inspire and enthuse the participant about cycling. The illustration style is casual and informative. We chose a realistic depiction of the sights so that the visitor quickly recognizes them. This also contributes to the ease of cycling with the BR maps. Being well informed helps you to find your way without getting lost. For everyone who is looking for pure cycling pleasure.
The design of the umbrella campaign to boost adventurous bike trips and the design of the itineraries are the ownable translation of the brand promise and brand experience. The pleasure of biking, the optimistic tone of voice and dynamic visualization go hand in hand with the imagination of adventure, informative content about places of interest, useful information about remarkable stops and places to have a bite or drink. Bike Republic is the ideal source of inspiration for a day with friends or family in the best parts of Belgium! Let’s go!

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A brand new outfit for a fresh new product range


About Elvea

Elvea is best known for its wide range of classic tomato products: diced tomatoes, passatas, peeled tomatoes, tomato paste..., made from the best Italian tomatoes. In the fall of 2020, Elvea launched a new range of tasty ready-to-eat sauces. Made with genuine Italian tomatoes and 100% natural ingredients. In close collaboration with Elvea’s new product development department, Achilles created the new package design for this range. One of the challenges was to create a packaging that captures Elvea’s DNA and at the same time, it was important that the new design breathes a younger and dynamic look and feel.

A lively package design, in line with the Elvea brand characteristics

Together we have explored which design elements would appeal to the target group, all the while retaining Elvea’s authentic and unique character. All the design and production elements, including art direction on the playful photography of the ingredients, a legible and modern typography, traditional illustrations of pastas,  and the fresh colour palette, combine the message that Elvea provides: the best quality products on offer.
The result
The new design elevates Elvea’s premium offer to a new level. An enrichment for both brand and consumers by a fresh and dynamic packaging design fitting seamlessly into the existing portfolio of Elvea.


A strong lifestyle brand in drink and food ware


Keep Kambukka leader in trendy lifestyle drink and foodware

Not only did Kambukka hire us to develop trendy drinking solutions for people on the go, they also asked us to create new and trendy lifestyle prints that appeal to people with different personalities and tastes all over the world.
How we watch trends
It is a continuous part of our job to keep an eye on current innovations and trends in general. As such, we closely watch which colour and material trends are on vogue in the fashion world. This expertise helped us to develop a progressive trend palette for the new collections of Kambukka with their own design.
As soon as we have a good understanding of relevant market trends, we create various mood boards around multiple themes. These themes help us to determine the most appropriate design choices.

Implementation in a project

We developed a comprehensive trend model that gives Kambukka an ecosystem of all active macro trends and trends per relevant market. This model makes mutual coherence visible, while allowing to zoom in further on a particular trend. As a consequence, we were able to develop creative and innovative prints from different angles that meet their market and are consistent with the brand.
The result
A family of bottles with various funcionalities that look fresh, tasteful and that fits the taste of the time and which is liked by young and old. Nice to drink, nice to look at.
A pattern is more than a drawing. As a brand it is important to look for your own identity, also when choosing prints. What feeling do you want to radiate, and do you tirelessly follow the trends or do you look for your own language? Achilles was a great support on this journey. Together we created prints, patterns and colors that are completely Kambukka. The interaction between Achilles, our team, and our brand was important to obtain the end result that we have today.

Sabrina Ruzzi

Marketing Manager Kambukka


Seasoned with love


Who is Rose Mary

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we don't want to compromise on the quality and freshness of our meals. At Rose Mary you can order food that is healthy and tasty. Just as we used to receive a "jar" from home. Just simple and good food. Achilles was asked to create a corporate identity that reflects who Rose Mary is. She cooks with Love and passion, and you should feel that you will be taken care of.
Achilles came up with an imagination who Rose Mary is. You don't meet her in person, you can't visit the kitchen, but through the look-and-feel of the brand, you can literally smell and taste the food – just like at home.
We associate the name with herbs and scents. It is a traditional, even somewhat nostalgic name that appears at different times and places. The name can be understood in all languages. The colour palette is based on spices. Green tones combined with discreet neutrals. A colour palette that radiates freshness.
Our passion for nutrition is our inspiration. An online restaurant requires tasty images that stimulate the senses. We add skillfully designed illustrations of spices and food to bring out nostalgia, skill and quality.
The result
A kitchen where every dish is prepared with passion, made with fresh ingredients and spiced up with that extra bit of love. Tonight, you eat healthy and tasty.


Uniting Colmar with their customers

With a great deal of returning customers, Colmar was looking for a loyalty application to be able to reward their clientele. Achilles guided Colmar through the complete creation of their loyalty platform.

Uniting Colmar with their customers

Colmar wants to serve good food in a place where customers feel at home and choose to come back to. It is important to get to know your customers to create such an environment. Therefore Colmar wanted on the one hand to retain more of their guests, and on the other gain insight in their behavior. On top of that Colmar was looking for a way to reward their returning clientele and enhance the communication between them.  

A user friendly loyalty application

To achieve customer insight and customer loyalty, the team agreed upon a smart saving system for the application. Customers start saving from their first scan, by presenting either the app itself or the physical card. And the sooner they come back, the more they can save. It’s possible to use the saved up credit any time the customer wants, in all of the restaurants. Colmar gains information and grows customer retention, and the customer can save money: a win-win situation.
From exploring the business of Colmar, to analyzing their customer needs, to following up the development of the application. Achilles Design applied their strategy, UX/UI & branding skills to merge the Colmar brand with a strong digital platform and was the driving force behind this project from A to Z.
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In depth

Case study: Bringing Appti to life

For Colmar, Achilles Design took the lead throughout the whole design process. Firstly they defined an efficient UX strategy, validating this through workshops and user testing. Next they focused on UX Design, testing different prototypes until agreeing upon the perfect flow. After that the team worked on UI design. Finally Achilles supervised the development by our software partner Cubitec and also delivered the support.

A strategy for succes

First things first: Achilles started with laying out a sound strategy. During a series of workshops, they guided the Colmar team in defining the strategy for this new service. Our designers helped them in determining a clear goal and purpose, and to match the business requirements with customer needs. This process led to laying out the blueprint of the loyalty program’s mechanism. Also, the requirements for the minimum viable product (MVP) were defined.
UX design

Setting the user story straight

With the MVP scope defined, it was time to transform this into user stories. This is a fundamental step in the designing process. Different user flows are conceived. Positive actions are taken into account, but also the unhappy flows, when a user encounters a certain problem. Especially these ‘edge’ cases should be drawn out properly to prevent gridlock. These flows are set up for distinctive users, each with their own goals leading to a specific outcome.
UX Design
Every feature that is added, has to end up in the right place. Therefore prototyping is an important part of the process. During the design of these prototypes Achilles uses a minimal design which can be adjusted quickly, when given feedback. The design is basic and uniform, so the user can focus on functionality, and the look of the application is not perceived as the final design.
UX Design
The evaluation of these prototypes happened during a testing period in 2 different Colmar restaurants. Over twenty people were questioned about their experience. The panel consisted of a diverse group: from digital natives to elderly people. To confirm assumptions, forms were composed and the data was used to correct ‘hiccups’ in the process. 
UI Design

UI Design: a flowing architecture

Besides being functional, a product also has to have the right look. For Colmar, Achilles embraced a ‘digital first’ branding approach. Colmar has a recognizable, warm design, which Achilles wanted to adapt into the new Appti brand. They helped in creating this new brand extension from brand name to final visual concept. By adopting elements of the Colmar brand identity as a basis, it was made sure that the new platform fitted perfectly with the existing Colmar brand. 
UI Design
Every screen that is part of the application is extensively tested. The ‘happy flow’ screens and also the screens that are shown when something goes wrong: multiple possibilities are taken into account. These flows are set up by drawing out a map of expectation patterns and testing these assumptions. A final touch to the user flows is the use of microcopy, or specific interaction copywriting, to make sure every part of a sentence is unambiguous. This attention to detail creates a frictionless user flow.
UI Design
Apart from applying effortless movement throughout the application, Achilles also pays attention in making a product scalable. This scalability is established by consistent documentation and the creation of a design system. This way components can easily be re-used and expanded when needed.

A well-oiled platform

Finally Achilles put together all these design elements into the creation of the application. The development of the application was coordinated by Achilles and executed by their software partner Cubitec. The platform is built as a responsive web application, to enable perfect usage on both desktop and mobile devices.  The Achilles team ensured that the designs were correctly implemented into the platform, to establish a smooth user experience. Also after Appti went ‘live’, they were responsible for the follow-up of the application.
The result
The result of this project is an established loyalty application, with already 50.000 users in Belgium and France and new customers applying every week.
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Travel light, drive smoothly and enjoy!


A new own bicycle brand

In 2020, Fiets! decided on an extension of their product range by introducing their own new bicycle brand. Achilles Design was asked to define the positioning of this new brand. On that basis, we developed a whole brand identity. We created a name, a suitable logo and the graphic interpretation of the new brand, as well as the appearance of the bicycles and guidelines for their assembly.
Achilles came up with the entire brand identity and positioning of Hiron. We created the branding of the bikes, in the shop window, and in the shops.

Travel light, drive smoothly and enjoy!

Everything we do starts with deep understanding and to try to get into the brand's lifestyle. Whether you're on your way to work or on a bike weekend with your friends, you want to be comfortable. People want a bike that can handle many rides, both a 'round trip' to the bakery and a trip on a new biking highway (‘fietsostrade’). HIRON takes you cycling – everywhere. Hiron's bikes carry you effortlessly on all Belgian roads. “Through wind and weather – free as a bird!"
Our first step was to dive into the world of cycling (which was not that hard because we're all cycling enthusiasts!)
Brand identity

Play around with visual elements

We were able to play around with some of Hiron's visual elements, along with the brand assets like the colors and logo. We played with the three colors, letters and photos. Cut, paste, mix - play with intuition. Ultimately, with all this background, it was much easier to exercise the visual storytelling.

Naming convention

HIRON is derived from the French word Hirondelle, or swallow. The name sounds international, but also has a Belgian character. Like the cyclist, a swallow is a migratory bird that flies through weather and wind.

Visual identity

Not coincidentally, a bird flies above HIRON. Tight and proud, he's going to show you the way. He points to freedom you discover when cycling. And especially he always remains his sympathetic self.

The colors

The colors associated with Hiron are soft shades of red, yellow and black. Our national tricolour, but somewhat weathered. Like she's been through a lot of sun, weather and wind. They are subtly used in communication.


The playful freedom Hiron wants to radiate is reflected in the lettering with the letters of H I R O N. While the word (HirON) exudes reliability and the letters themselves appear rather robust and functional, they pop up 'dancing' in communications, to emphasize the winged freedom of the cyclist.
"At Hiron we want you not to ride, but to fly and feel as free as a bird."
The bicycles
From a distance, the Hiron bikes have their modest appearance, fit in many environments, but retain a quality look. Closer you will discover their playful character in the fine details and colours. With Hiron we want to show that quality, accessible healing, and inclusiveness can exist in harmony.
Hiron bikes are of high quality so that as a cyclist you can always enjoy every ride without any worries. Quality products and an enjoying cyclist are the two pillars of Hiron, which are always put in the spotlight. Both photography and typography exude playful freedom, while copy and font are sharp and bold. You know immediately what Hiron stands for. You see and experience that intuitively in every communication.
Achilles was the perfect partner for the creative development of this own new brand. They thought from A to Z about the development and creation of Hiron! It was a valuable & constructive collaboration!

Sofie Priels

Colruyt Group


Stay visible for 360° around


360° visibility

With Veloské, Belgium Bike Group wants to develop an unique E-bike with a focus on safety. Good quality components like the brakes and tires give you the reliability. And a unique 360° integrated light system gives you added visibility and security in traffic.
"Create a frame with a differentiating design, avoiding the use of manufacturing that requires expensive moulding and tooling."
Design sprint
We aided Belgium Bike Group with the concept design of a signature frame with integrated lights, as well as a strong brand identity. The frame itself is constructed mostly out of bended round tubing and milled connecting blocks. These blocks proved to be most cost efficient way to integrate the amber coloured lights for the 360° visibility.
Achilles Design was involved from the early start of this project; from the first inspirational concept sketches to the final detailing necessary for tooling and production. Offering a lean and cooperative design approach, tailored to the challenges, speed and budget of a start-up company.
Design for prototyping
From the early stages we went for a design for prototyping approach. Achilles Design implemented all their expertise and experience in bicycle design to set up a feasible concept in a limited time. 3D CAD modeling is extremely valuable tool for that. The avoidance of expensive tooling costs was key in the project. This gave us the opportunity to translate the concept into an actual rideable prototype.
Brand identity
A new brand and a new product also includes a suitable identity. The philosophy about 360° visibility continues in the naming, logo and product graphics. Cape Hatteras (USA) and its lighthouse along the Atlantic coast inspired us. Its iconic shape and stripings became the main building blocks of the brand.
Veloské is an e-bike with an unique character that strikes a great balance between reliability and safety.


Help people achieve a desired state-of-mind


Create an identity that reflects the positive energy and vibe you get by using the moonbird trainer and app

Moonbird researched the importance of the human breathing rhythm and how it affects our mental state. The company came to the conclusion that breathing has a major impact on our wellbeing. As a result, moonbird developed the device and app, a handheld biofeedback tool that supports users in their breathing exercises, it helps users to find their inner peace and increase focus and concentration in an easy and interactive way. The device can literally be used everywhere and whenever needed. Achilles Design was asked to develop moonbirds brand identity that fits the purpose of its solution and that supports the emotional goal of using the device – an identity that looks humanly intuitive and that blends well with its natural purpose.  
Before we started designing, we organised a brand sprint. Together with the client we try to get a better understanding of the purpose of the product and to define the user persona they want to reach.

A strong name needs a strong identity

The client had already defined the brand name. With a bird as a key symbol and a mood board, we started brainstorming and developing different impressions and generated a number of options moonbird could look like.
Brand identity

Colors and forms

The brand identity had to reflect associations with calm, guiding, balance, care, nature, and sensitivity, which guided us in the creation of a pallet of soft and emotional colours. Positivity, curiosity, science, and coaching were additional characteristics that needed to build a modern and out-of-the box personality. We used the recognisable ‘Yves Klein blue’ to highlights the scientific background.
By adding organic and abstract forms we gave the overall look-and-feel fun and energy without being too explicit in our message.

Colours and photography

Breathing is a natural phenomenon. Therefore, using natural elements in natural light as well as calm surroundings is meant to support the feelings that are related to inner peace and inner self. We worked with certain colours to express the feelings that are associated with using moonbird. Besides that, we also used specifically suitable photography that shows the personas who use moonbird and who have found their desired state-of-mind.
The product

The moonbird handheld device

Not only did we create the brand identity for moonbird, our product design team developed this handheld device that will guide the user through their breathing exercises by providing tactile feedback. In close co-operation with moonbird, Achilles took care of the complete product design process, from product ideation to industrialisation and sourcing of the first batch of products.
Zoomed in photo of a person sitting on a mat on the floor holding a moonbird device in the right hand.
The result
Moonbird worked with Achilles to create a organic & structural identity that expresses their brand purpose more accurately.
Achilles designed our product, our branding and our website. We wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. The collaboration was fantastic. We could jump in if there was a problem and we loved the end-to-end approach.

Stefanie Broes, PhD

Co-founder Moonbird


Triggering office-wide trend buzz by redesigning the reporting style


Turning factual research results into a broadly appealing report

Creating an information-dense, easy to understand reporting style for trends that invites everyone to start reading.
Colruyt Group has asked our support in creating a trend reporting style that will encourage staff to repeatedly consult and value the content. The reporting style must become a way to get people within the Group energized and inspired when talking about trends. That’s all to trigger new internal innovation projects.

Understanding the theory to create visual clarity

The trend research team at Colruyt Group works hard on creating high-quality content, and the true value of this content should reach as many colleagues as possible in an engaging way. That’s why our graphic designers firstly had to profoundly understand the trend watching methodology that Colruyt Group applies. Our graphic designers then translate this methodology into clear illustrations that make it easy for generalists to gain a deep insight on the way how certain facts relate to certain trends.

In a digital age, don’t underestimate the power of print

A high-quality, inviting-to-read printed book that lies around the office is key to the success of this project. The physical presence of these books makes all people within the organization aware of the importance of inspiring and relevant trends for the Group. After a casual read, people can continue reading digitally, but it is actually also important to have it printed such that trend watching gets a positive presence across the office.
The idea is to regularly publish new trend reports – both updates on the same topic and on new topics. The new reports will all be built on the same graphic template to streamline and speed up the publishing process.

Lay-out that breathes relevance for the Group

Typefaces, illustration styles and the color palette all fit the style of Colruyt Group because the document needed to breathe relevance for the Group. We used a composition of white space and photography very consciously to make all content feel generally understandable. Graphic elements were given distinct colors; shapes and sizes to facilitate navigation through the document and illustrations are highly informative while remaining simple enough for the report to keep the reading experience light.
The result
Because the content is conveyed in such a pleasant and appealing way, more people get enthusiastic about current trends, leading to more engagement towards innovation. The goal is to now keep on creating new trend reports through the same engaging reporting language as the first report we did for Colruyt Group.
Thank you for reworking the trend report! We’re all very enthusiastic about it! Fresh and positive design, really invites to read! Top!

Fiona Ketele

Trendwatcher for Colruyt Group


A premium cycling brand named after the most famous rider ever!


Eddy Merckx

Every sport has its legends, but cycling has a living legend: Eddy Merckx, the most successful cyclist of all time, is the top authority on human powered speed. For several years, Eddy Merckx cycles maintained a strategic design partnership with Achilles Design to guarantee a unique design language throughout their entire bicycle range.
Achilles covered the full spectrum of design work by integrating solid industrial design with sleek styling. Achilles Design contributed its distinguished branding and refined graphic design capabilities, from integrating new trends in bicycle design to the graphic layout of the annual sales pitch.
Product design

Power under control.

Eddy Merckx Cycles wants to offer high quality bicycles for demanding racing cyclists. New models all have to fit a distinctive design identity, defined by technical requirements such as stiffness, compliance, geometries and UCI regulations. Complex surface modelling allows us to achieve a good tension between stiffness, stability and safety; technical features like cable integration, seat post clamps, and hardware mounts – all combined in an attractive design.
Brand design

Experience Eddy's racing spirit

All model names are linked to 1 of the 525 victories in Eddy’s incredible career. Each frame is developed around unique characteristics. The graphics should embrace the industrial design. Blending Eddy’s true racing spirit and future market expectations results into a differentiating appearance of each and every bike.

Make styling proposals that actually work.

Rapid prototyping of detailed CAD models is the perfect preparation for mold drawing and advanced composite lay-up technique. We translate functional and behavioral specifications into a manufacturable look and feel for the carbon, aluminum and steel frames of Eddy Merckx Cycles.
Applying graphics on a bicycle frame requires accurate shaping and dimensioning of decals or paint masks. We combine 3D models with hand on cutting and pasting to define attractive but feasible designs.
The result
A complete range of highest quality bicycles for demanding racing cyclists.


A new and more extended visual identity for Dreambaby


Carefree happiness

Pregnancy, giving birth, and raising young children creates demand for baby supplies. Natural requirements for anything that concerns a baby are quality and reliability, trust and comfort. For a retailer in baby supply, it is crucial not only to offer the right products, but to offer information around the subject, share relevant tips and tricks, and to make customers feel understood. Achilles Design was asked to help the brand to develop a visual identity that radiates cheerful comfort. A warm and balanced design that informs and inspires at the same time. It’s not just about selling baby products. It’s about offering (future) moms proper advice, guidance and security.
kid reading

We combine our expertise

We work in close co-operation with the client, with whom we ran workshops and debriefs. We developed a dedicated communication strategy and determined the most suitable use of colour, typography and graphic elements.
We plan out an ideal scenario with several clear and fixed milestones to lead our way. With each milestone we take a step further down our creative path coming closer to the ultimate result.

Market research and desktop research

Before we start designing, we went through a pre-study period, thereby running a desk research on the subject, during which we tried to better understand the customer and her needs. We then ran a gap analysis versus the current look and feel of Dreambaby and developed a new visual identity that closed the gap. The next step was to dissect the existing brand. This helped us to determine the characteristics of topics and to develop a suitable communication strategy.
Visual design

A toolkit for graphic designers

Instead of delivering a rigid corporate identity, we presented a toolkit the designers at Dreambaby can use to explore new boundaries. The tree in the logo was base for this toolkit. Next to representing new-born life and all the growth and blossoming potential it holds, the coloured leaves, which come in all shapes and sizes, can outgrow the tree and create a graphic world on their own, effectively becoming a dynamic logo. Although colours and illustration style are determined, icons can be added at will and new visual stories can be told.
Style elements

Soft Colours and round shapes that accents feminine attributes

As the end customers of baby supplies are typically women, we selected softer colours and rounder shapes for the catalogue, thereby appealing more to women and demonstrating warmth and empathy rather than emphasizing a more neutral and cool quality focus. As both warm colours and round shapes are also associated with baby care, the choice of colours and shapes seemed an obvious way to upgrade the impact of the new visual identity.
The result
Dreambaby has a more focused and relevant visual identity for parents today.


Dreambee collection with a huge A-factor


A collection that can compete with the A brands

Designing a new character for the baby collection of Dreambee, the private label of Dreambaby, is a huge responsibility. For the next two years it will represent everything that Dreambee stands for, reaching a wide audience and competing with the prevailing A brands. It needs to meet a number of conditions before being selected as mascot of Dreambee. It has to be beautiful, trendy and accessible that can be perfectly combined with the basic pieces of Dreambee Essentials. This figure is a true friend of the baby, unbound to a single place within the environment of the child.

We combine our expertise

We plan out an ideal scenario with several clear and fixed milestones to lead our way. The entire process is done in close collaboration with all parties involved: marketing team, purchasing, brand manager, textile experts and fashion designers. Together we create a full collection of baby products ready for market.
With each milestone we take a step further down our creative path coming closer to the ultimate result.

Colors, patterns and themes

We put al lot of thought into all of the products and toys within the collection.
Product know how

Technical detailing

At last, we choose the right materials and draw up technical specifications for the placement of the chosen character and patterns on each product.
The result
A beautiful collection with a little friend for all babies.


Contemporary design with a playful retro twist


Create a packaging that appeals a young audience

Zeeland’s Roem is part of the Roem Group, Europe’s largest seafood processor. In a very conservative market, their Oyster packaging business somewhat lacked a strong brand recognition and a distinctive profile that would allow them to stand out against their competitors. With a more contemporary design, the company wanted to reach out to a new and younger target group. At the same time, Zeeland’s Roem wanted the new design to show the respect for the company’s long tradition in oyster farming.


For practical reasons the actual packaging (the basket) had to be preserved. So we went for a visual makeover of the top card. Furthermore, we added a small booklet for additional storytelling.

bright, fluorescent colors and a humorous nod to the traditional

Dutch oyster farming has a long family tradition. Furthermore, competitors often come from the same region or village. So the importance of heritage is sensitive and should not be underestimated. Unfortunately, this often leads to conservative design. The challenge was to come up with an attractive and contemporary brand, without renouncing tradition. As a reference to the long history in craftsmanship, we used engraved illustrations, but with a slight twist to strip it from its ponderous nature. The use of a simple, sans serif font and fluorescent colors gives the packaging an instant contemporary feel and makes it undeniably ‘pop’.


Restyling Festival Lolands


Design a festival event and keep the underlying motivation present

Lolands is the umbrella name for benefit activities with the goal to support A.L.S. research. The biggest attraction is the annual family festival in Scherpenheuvel. The reason for the establishment of Lolands is a very personal story. A good friend, Lorenz (Lo, for the friends) died at a very young age from the consequences of A.L.S. After 5 years of successful editions with an increasing number of visitors, there was a demand for a more professional approach in marketing and communication.

Graph with content

A festival like Lolands demands a playful and positive look-and-feel, without losing sight of the goal and its underlying motivation. A key requirement of its brand identity therefore has to be that graphics are substantiated and not just empty decorative elements. In this case, one where the tribute to Lo is palpably present during the event.


We delivered a new logo, a colorful event poster, and a sponsor recruitment file. We also provided the client with an 'amusement package' of graphical templates, such as an own font and illustrations, with which the organization itself can get to work quickly.
On the emotional side, we have created a red thread that runs throughout our visual brand work as a graphic leitmotiv, symbolizing the thought of Lo, his enormous perseverance and his ability of true friendship. Key messages are: keep the attention for ALS by organizing positive events, help research into A.L.S. by financial sponsorship, and be strong together.
The result
We developed and delivered a new visual identity of a festival that brings A.L.S. to the attention of people in a light, positive, accessible way.
“Achilles Design made us see how to give our festival a different look... In all confidence Achilles kept our festival under the microscope with their knowledge, which created a ‘wow-feeling’ already after the first elaborated proposals with us and especially with me. We immediately saw that professional people were working here. We would never have come up with the ideas that came up at the time. The end result was great for us. The sponsor file got a very fresh look, the posters, the flyers, the banners, the t-shirts .... In short, everything got its own cachet. All this gave our festival its own character, thanks to Achilles and his professional staff. It was a pleasure to work together and we are also grateful to them for that.”


Co-organizer Lolands


A powerful story for a professional investment firm


Creating a strong brand that matches Korys’ open-minded vision on sustainable investments for a better world

As the Colruyt family office, Korys is at the same time one of the largest non-institutional investors in Belgium. With a team of c. 30 professionals, the firm typically invests in promising scale-ups and later-stage businesses that are focused around the theme of PPP (People, Profit, Planet). Korys asked Achilles Design to create a brand identity that reflects its sustainability-related guiding principles and investment philosophy. In order to fully understand the essence of the client’s business identity, we first conducted a thorough DNA exercise and closely co-operated with the client to redefine the firm’s mission, vision and values. Based on that, we developed a renewed brand identity, practically from scratch.

The hazel tree as a source of inspiration

The family name ‘Colruyt’ is derived from ‘corylus’, the Latin word for ‘hazel’. Corylus is also etymologically related to the Greek ‘korys’, which means ‘bearer of fruit’. The hazel tree is robust, has a long lifespan, and has the ability to let an entire ecosystem flourish around it. As such, a hazel tree represents a perfect analogy to our client’s vision of investing. The hazel is therefore the core theme on which we built our client’s brand story.
We developed a clear and transparent story, easily accessible, and profoundly substantiated and supported the brand further and deeper through suitable photography, language, interior, architecture, and a focused choice of colours and materials. The client’s new visual identity is now reflected in practically every of his external communication.
The result
As a final result, Achilles Design produced deliverables related to storytelling and relevant visualisations that represent the brand’s essence and that support the brand’s credibility.


Delivering a smooth grocery pick-up service


Support and optimize the on-site customer journey

Creating and organizing the spatial elements, being architecture, interaction modules and signalisation to ensure a smooth and branded service delivery for grocery pick-ups. In 2015, Colruyt Group asked us to redefine the grocery pick-up service “Collect & Go”. Doing groceries is often looked at as a nuisance, requiring significant efforts and time. Offering an e-commerce solution can offer relief, on the condition that an excellent service and experience of receiving the goods is provided. Together with their internal design team, we were tasked to design the on-site spatial elements and the user flow to position the service as a fast, dedicated, cost-and-client-friendly service provider.

Analyzing, designing and service scenarios

By analyzing different pick-up types, interviewing consumers and employees, and performing service safaris of both the current and competitive services, we laid out a framework that enabled strategic input and evaluation of design decisions for the customer journey and experience. This was used to initiate a collaborative process of designing new scenarios, tapping into the knowledge of a multidisciplinary team of marketeers, strategists and designers. Newly developed scenarios were used to list and describe the processes and touchpoints that had to be designed or redesigned. Using the criteria, such as total service delivery time, a broad array of solutions were developed: interaction modules, architectural solutions and signalisation concepts.
Moving through iterations and prototypes Gradually adding more detail and integrating partial solutions, we matured the service concept by testing and modifying service flows, architectural designs, interaction modules, interaction concepts and wayfinding. What started with cardboard & paper prototypes and ended with a fully functional prototype.

Spatial service system

The value of its solution is not only how well each individual component is designed. The real value is sum of all its parts, how well they integrate into each other. Reducing the time you spend on picking up your groceries, will depend on the time it takes to understand the architecture, which will be supported by wayfinding solutions or how car-friendly the site is. It will also depend on the time spent on interaction modules, such as the scanning or checkout-module, where the shape of the hardware and or comprehendability of the screens is important. It will even depend on how well you can maneuver your cart through each passage.
The result
The result is a grocery pick-up service point, that is easy to understand and faster in use. It puts more emphasis on supporting and informing the user during the entire journey, from entering the site, to exiting with your groceries.


An authentic design for a restaurant of the future


Develop the restaurant concept of the future

The Colmar Group hired us to develop the restaurant concept of the future, combining authentic, healthy, and traditional food with more efficient service and production processes, while rejuvenating its client mix. Can you combine sourcing and retaining good personnel, keeping operating costs under control (of which personnel costs are typically by far the largest category), optimizing service levels & processing times, while ensuring a comfortable, relaxed, and positive customer experience in order to maximize client retention.
In this project, Achilles deployed its Branding, Interior-, Service Design, and Innovation Consultancy disciplines to come up with a holistic restaurant concept that combines the authentic and rustic look-and-feel of a traditional and trustworthy restaurant with modern technologies and processes.
Visual identity

Look-and-feel reflects the restaurant's core values

In order to retain the traditional human interaction with the customer, the dishes are served by a waiter – therefore, the customer experience is comparable to that of a more traditional restaurant. The restaurant’s interior, its choice of colors, materials, light, and decoration are all carefully selected and curated to holistically reflect and support the restaurant’s characteristic.
Service design

Minimal processing times

In its restaurant, clients can order their dish via a practically self-explanatory digital menu card on an iPad that is available on every table. The digital application gives tips and provides background information where required. Customers can therefore autonomously order their dish, but a waiter is available in case of questions. The digital order system ensures equal customer attention and a timely order and preparation process.
Service design

Open kitchen concept

In its kitchen, the choice of dishes is optimized such that no experienced chefs are required. Instead, while the overall menu variety is satisfactory, dishes are composed of a reduced number of pick-and-place ingredients. A high-temperature conveyer furnace prepares the dish to perfection within a couple of minutes. Consequently, the number of required personnel in the kitchen is reduced to a minimum, while at the same time ensuring minimal preparation times for customer dishes.
The result
Operating efficiencies have been substantially improved, and actual human involvement is reduced to a minimum.


Kangourou’s epic-design school supplies


Up-market school supplies with an epic design for teenagers

Our client asked us to design an original look for its school supplies and the packaging thereof.

Immerse in the world of young people

We immersed ourselves in the world of youngsters to find out what they like. We found out that they want hip and cool school supplies to show off. Young generation Z-ers require awesome gadgets that are cool, chill, and ‘epic’, and we gave them just that – with a wink and a nod to the parents.

Let's doodle!

Doodling (i.e. scribbling) is something nearly all teenagers do – whether consciously or unconsciously. Names, drawing and logos are scribbled all over pencil cases, notebooks, and book bags. Their drawing style is often influenced by comics, cartoons and (animated) films.

The design

Our starting point was a large and very crowded drawing in the style of a doodle that shows all attributes of the world of teenagers. Kangourou's school products, and what they are used for, are all incorporated in the drawing. This ‘master visual’ is used as a visual system, which is returning on all product packages with slight variations by highlighting a different focus point.


By rotating the master visual, we could constantly generate a new fragment of the doodle. Every product category therefore has a different doodle fragment on its packaging, showing a scene that focuses on the product in question. We also use variations in the background colours. No monotony, just a cool and chill design. It makes learning more fun!
The result
From packaging to product range as it turned out, the doodle was also very useful as a pattern on a product range of stationery, wrapping-papers and a variety of school equipment.


It’s in the bag!


Develop each year a range of school bags for all ages

Kangourou, a private label of Colruyt Group, offers a wide variety of school related products. Together with the rebranding of their writing supplies, Achilles Design also helped to develop their range of school bags.   Kangourou offers satchels and backpacks for children of all ages, from toddlers to tweenies to teenagers. With all of these ages having different needs and ideas about what is trendy, it is hard to create a line which seems coherent and lives up to the brand, unless you have a solid handle on the core values of the brand. From this foundation you can build up the range. The functionality of the individual bags and the look and feel are thoroughly analyzed and improved upon year after year.


Mood boards on current trends inspire our fashion designers to create new characters, illustrations, prints, patterns and color palettes. They also take a closer look at different fabrics and sewing details.
We invited children in the age groups ranging from kindergarten to teenagers to our co-creation workshops. During these workshops, we gathered feedback on our first designs and let them work on their own ideal school bag. Like this, we learn what is trending.

The children choose via custom made online survey

In the next stage we ask a large group of children to review our designs in a custom made online survey tool. By scoring different designs and adding comments on why they do or don't like a design, the favorite designs come forward.
Ready for production

Optimizing the functionalities of all different models

Handy zippers, additional pockets, attractive labels, durable velcro, reflective piping for safety and a rain cover for common Belgian weather conditions.
The result
Working with children gave us the fresh perspective that allowed us to set up an inspiring range of products.
"I prefer story-doing over storytelling. No fairytales but real stories, made by children."

Sofie Priels

Brand Manager


Reinventing the drinking bottle


A modern and appealing drinking bottle that is fun to use

Kambukka hired us to develop trendy drinking solutions for people on the go that suit every occasion. By combining aesthetics with smart functionality, we helped them to realize a broad range of drinkware that fits everybody’s lifestyle and personality.

Together we stand stronger

To meet the needs of different kinds of consumers all around the world our product designers, branding experts and innovation consults had to work in close collaboration with the Kambukka management. Achilles Design accompanied the client in the whole process, from early sketches to industrial production.

A smart range of thermal and water bottles

We like to introduce you to Etna, Olympus, Elton, Lagoon and Reno. All of them fully leakproof, available in fashionable colors and providing a smooth drinking experience thanks to the patent pending product features.

A lid for any occasion

Do you like your drinks icy cold on a hot summer day? Just combine a thermal mug with the lid of a water bottle. You can mix and match all bottles and lids to customize a perfect drinking experience.


Snapclean® makes them very easy to clean. Just pinch and pull to remove the inner mechanism and prepare the lid for a thorough dishwasher cleaning.

3-in-1 lid

Slowly waking up behind your desk with your morning cup of coffee in hand is a different kind of setting than hastily knocking back an espresso on your way to your next meeting. That’s exactly why the 3-in-1 lid has multiple positions: ‘push to drink’, ‘always open’ and ‘locked’.

The result
Don't think, just drink! At first, Kambukka launched its products in Europe, but later also in China, Canada, Russia and Australia. Effectively, Kambukka pushes the boundaries in an ever-growing market of reusable drinking bottles.
Starting with a rough concept of many loose ideas, we succeeded, together with Achilles, in not only omitting the superfluous, but also in making many difficult decisions. Slowly but surely Kambukka became a real brand with its own typical design language.

Sabrina Ruzzi

Marketing Manager Kambukka
There are too many products of inferior quality. We do not only work with high-quality materials, but pay attention to finish and ease of use.

Stijn Lowette

CEO Kambukka