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360° visibility

With Veloské, Belgium Bike Group wants to develop an unique E-bike with a focus on safety. Good quality components like the brakes and tires give you the reliability. And a unique 360° integrated light system gives you added visibility and security in traffic.
"Create a frame with a differentiating design, avoiding the use of manufacturing that requires expensive moulding and tooling."
Design sprint
We aided Belgium Bike Group with the concept design of a signature frame with integrated lights, as well as a strong brand identity. The frame itself is constructed mostly out of bended round tubing and milled connecting blocks. These blocks proved to be most cost efficient way to integrate the amber coloured lights for the 360° visibility.
Achilles Design was involved from the early start of this project; from the first inspirational concept sketches to the final detailing necessary for tooling and production. Offering a lean and cooperative design approach, tailored to the challenges, speed and budget of a start-up company.
Design for prototyping
From the early stages we went for a design for prototyping approach. Achilles Design implemented all their expertise and experience in bicycle design to set up a feasible concept in a limited time. 3D CAD modeling is extremely valuable tool for that. The avoidance of expensive tooling costs was key in the project. This gave us the opportunity to translate the concept into an actual rideable prototype.
Brand identity
A new brand and a new product also includes a suitable identity. The philosophy about 360° visibility continues in the naming, logo and product graphics. Cape Hatteras (USA) and its lighthouse along the Atlantic coast inspired us. Its iconic shape and stripings became the main building blocks of the brand.
Veloské is an e-bike with an unique character that strikes a great balance between reliability and safety.