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Setting up an innovation portfolio for Kambukka

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How do we keep re-inventing the products we are known for?

How do we keep pushing the boundaries in this ever growing market of reusable drinkware and foodware? That is the challenge that was given to us by Kambukka, a forward-thinking company known for high-quality drinking bottles.
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Creating a innovation framework to continuously produce and manage a bulk of ideas
We didn't want to deliver a one-off batch of ideas, but decided to build and deliver an innovation framework that enabled the client to continuously output new directions for tomorrow. It should be possible to quickly assess trends, devise new market segments and product categories, and translate them into fully defined product concepts. Our framework should also come pre-filled with exciting concepts of our own, to kickstart the process.
Framework design
We started out with establishing the different strategic options that can be considered when it comes to corporate innovation. The new brand needed the right tools to strenghten their current position and product portfolio. Therefore we emphasized the discovery and valuation of new products and product features for their current categories. We identified and explored two opportunity areas: the functions the brand could offer the consumer and the different usage motivations they could adress.
Impactful ideation
Bringing together product functions and user motivations created clear problem spaces, that enabled our team to perform an ideation to pre-fill our framework work with exciting product and product features. The method allowed for non-obvious, differentiating new ideas to support lifestyles and rituals, new ways of serving, organizing the storage or even the preparation of drinks.
Product definition & decision making
Our method easily produced hundreds of valuable ideas. We supported our client in decision making by creating a trade-off system that valued and scored each individual idea. New product definitions could be made by intelligently combining high-performing features. These product and service candidates were then conceptualized and assessed for their ability to excite the user, compete in the market and economic potential.
During this two-week process, we provided the client with a framework that already produced +100 fresh ideas. To this date, several of these products and features are being rolled out into product development. The framework now enables the client to produce, log and manage their ideas on several levels, with minimal effort.
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