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Ride Ellio

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Next generation speed pedelec that replaces the car

With Ellio, Intu-e-Drive aims to develop a bicycle that could be a full-fledged replacement for a car, a high end speed pedelec that’s safe, reliable and intuitive to ride. This is achieved through a series of innovative features: a 2 wheel drive system, automatic gear changes, autonomous braking, a powerful battery and intelligent control software. This bicycle is an innovative mobility solution that takes away the uncertainties of being on the go.
Achilles Design was involved from the early start of this project; from the first garage built model inspirational concept sketches to the final detailing necessary for tooling and production. Offering a lean and cooperative design approach, tailored to the challenges, speed and budget of a start-up company.

Moving fast and efficient towards relevant product-market fit concepts

We supported Intu-e-Drive in the search for a product architecture that merged all the technical requirements (frame design, battery, motors, controller, etc.) with the functionality and desirability of a high-end speed pedelec. Building upon our expertise in bicycle design and market knowledge we are able to quickly develop design concepts with a high feasibility rate. Allowing us to move fast and efficient towards relevant product-market fit concepts in design sprints.
Develop for prototyping

Verify and improve ride quality and appearance

Initial concept drawings are refined towards the build of a prototype. Many cycling products can only be truly tested on a physical and functional prototype. Consecutive development and prototype cycles allows us to verify and improve its ride quality and appearance, but also to test technical, mechanical and electronic solutions.
Detail for industrialization

Our experience in different disciplines

Achilles Design played an extensive role in the industrialization process, going over all the components and defining their technical requirements and in respect to the intended look and feel. Our experience in different disciplines such as frame production, assembly, plastic mouldings, electric components, electronic controllers, etc. allows us to support you all the way to a finalized and functional product.
The result
Ellio is the next generation of speed pedelecs with fully integrated safety and intuitive riding features. An innovative solution for a future proof and sustainable mobility.