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Perfect Moose: easy-peasy and tasty microfoam


Perfect Moose ready to take over the global coffee business

  •  Qualified for mass production
  •  Easy to disassemble and maintain
  •  Decreases production time and cost effective

Perfect Moose, what's in a name?

Schuilenburg invented an automated intelligent foamer that makes it possible to create the perfect milk foam without any barista knowledge. The success of Perfect Moose allowed them to roll out a first batch of products, but as numbers increased significantly, they needed an updated design ready for mass production and fit for easy maintenance.

Design process

There's a new Perfect Moose in town!

Achilles Design helped Schuilenburg optimise the first prototype without making drastic changes in the overall look and feel since it was already a much desired product. Together we created new concept and system designs which were tested in their lab.


Aside from the main challenges, the design had to take into account specific requirements such as hygiene, contact with food, high temperatures, European and international regulations, etc. The entire project required lot of expertise in engineering, industrial design, supplier selection and detail design, which we fully delivered.

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