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Making your stay easier

  • Digital & IOT
  • Product Design & Engineering
A new hotel experience
An ever-rising number of people is travelling. At the same time, the needs of travelers are changing. Traditional hotel concepts focused on intensive personal service and comfort are complemented by alternative hospitality concepts. Digital technology can replace transactional administrative processes while ensuring that the service and comfort level is not compromised towards the customer.

Achilles designed the check-in/out kiosk elements and the casing of the palm scanners used at each door. We integrated the technical and functional aspects of all electronic devices in one entity that blends in the whole hotel-related customer experience. The customer should get the impression to work with one device instead of the six systems that are actually behind it. During the whole customer journey, the recognizable A-stay brand promise had to be felt.

Testing and prototyping (for check-in and hand palm scans)
We performed user tests to analyse the intuitiveness of the technology interfaces. In our design, we had to ensure that customer interaction with these interfaces didn’t feel too “technological” and were sufficiently intuitive. A minimal interaction (the guest holds his/her hand palm in front of the palm scanner), a very straightforward way of working, and a guaranteed low failure rate. Using a palm vein access system covers these two criteria perfectly: everyone has a unique palm vein pattern in each hand, which guarantees both safety and ease of use.

Very technological yet remaining appealing was key. The styling was defined by the design language of the hotel brand. It had to express sleek simplicity as much as excitement to use by the young audience the hotel targets.

A-STAY is not a traditional hotel. Design details are carefully scrutinized to ensure ease of use by guests. Besides user friendliness, A-STAY's desire for attractive and approachable design is equally important, in order to wittily disguise the complexity and extensive use of technology throughout its customer journey.
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