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Restyling Festival Lolands

  • Brand Strategy & Design

Design a festival event and keep the underlying motivation present

Lolands is the umbrella name for benefit activities with the goal to support A.L.S. research. The biggest attraction is the annual family festival in Scherpenheuvel. The reason for the establishment of Lolands is a very personal story. A good friend, Lorenz (Lo, for the friends) died at a very young age from the consequences of A.L.S. After 5 years of successful editions with an increasing number of visitors, there was a demand for a more professional approach in marketing and communication.

Graph with content

A festival like Lolands demands a playful and positive look-and-feel, without losing sight of the goal and its underlying motivation. A key requirement of its brand identity therefore has to be that graphics are substantiated and not just empty decorative elements. In this case, one where the tribute to Lo is palpably present during the event.


We delivered a new logo, a colorful event poster, and a sponsor recruitment file. We also provided the client with an 'amusement package' of graphical templates, such as an own font and illustrations, with which the organization itself can get to work quickly.
On the emotional side, we have created a red thread that runs throughout our visual brand work as a graphic leitmotiv, symbolizing the thought of Lo, his enormous perseverance and his ability of true friendship. Key messages are: keep the attention for ALS by organizing positive events, help research into A.L.S. by financial sponsorship, and be strong together.
The result
We developed and delivered a new visual identity of a festival that brings A.L.S. to the attention of people in a light, positive, accessible way.
“Achilles Design made us see how to give our festival a different look... In all confidence Achilles kept our festival under the microscope with their knowledge, which created a ‘wow-feeling’ already after the first elaborated proposals with us and especially with me. We immediately saw that professional people were working here. We would never have come up with the ideas that came up at the time. The end result was great for us. The sponsor file got a very fresh look, the posters, the flyers, the banners, the t-shirts .... In short, everything got its own cachet. All this gave our festival its own character, thanks to Achilles and his professional staff. It was a pleasure to work together and we are also grateful to them for that.”


Co-organizer Lolands